Tuesday , March 2 2021

The disgraceful former MP Barry Urban to fight fraud

He also faces five accusations of false evidence in the parliamentary committee. The maximum penalty is seven years' imprisonment.

49-year-old first court hearing last month, magistrate Joe Randazzo read loud news of 12 charges against her.

They refer to Urban, who allegedly provided two false diploma papers and a false reference to WA police in the 2005 application for membership.

Mr Urban is also being charged in 2007 with a false claim that he was eligible to be designated as a detective at the WA Police to receive $ 104 two weeks additional payment for his investigative skills.

A former politician should also be charged with a parliamentary privilege committee whose task is to explore the authenticity of his education and police principles.


WA Police claim that Mr Urban lied at a committee meeting in January 2018, falsely claiming that he had investigated cruel crimes while working as a member of an international police unit in the Balkans.

It is also alleged that he made a false testimony by retaining him two degrees and a diploma in local government and was entitled to carry the International Police Warfare Medal for the ANZAC Service in 2017.

Investigating Mr Urban's role as a member of the Darling Diag was initiated at the beginning of this year after he was arguing, he used false medals at the Anzac Service and lied about his education and work history.

The WA Parliamentary Privilege Committee recommended that the Parliament expel Urban and deny him the right to "lasting and brutal" contempt when he deceived the house in as many as five cases.

The committee acknowledged that he had "surprising" evidence that he was deceiving the house and submitted to the committee a "fake document" to support his claim to obtain a diploma from the University of Leeds, Watson said.

The committee also acknowledged that Urban served in the Balkans at the end of 1998, as he claimed.

Mr Urbans withdrew from parliament in May this year, after the Committee adopted its recommendation, he was expelled.

His resignation led to an election next to his Darling Range office, won by the Liberal Party member Alyssa Hayden in June.

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