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Sunshine Coast Fire: Bushfire at Caloundra, Little Mountain

North Stradbrokes Island CAMPERS are evacuated from Main Beach, and reservation bases are stopped because grass fires deteriorate.

The main beach is closed south of Alfred Martin Way and the fishermen's trail is also closed.

FIRE WARNING: Emergency, as the residents said to flee

SCORCHER: Southeast Brushes in Hot Conditions

ON CONTROLS: Includes Gold Coast Blazes

The Redlands City Council has introduced a broad prohibition on fire protection and will bring together a community meeting tomorrow, informing citizens of the future threat to cities.

Citizens are encouraged to draw attention to the latest warnings issued by the Council, as the threat of fire is constantly increasing.

Additional emergency services are in standby mode to help evacuate and fire on the map.

Thick smoke has clogged the air and has reduced quality and visibility, said a council representative.

media_cameraNorth Stradbroke Island Crash Burns

In the rest of the world, several fire brigades are on the scene at Sunshine Coast burning.

The fire burns on the west side of Kawana Way Link Road, on the north side of the Caloundra Road and on the east side of Honey Farm Road, Caloundra near Little Mountain.

Currently Kawana Way Link Road was closed in both directions between Caloundra Rd and Creekside Blvd.

The fire was burnt in isolation lines and does not pose a threat to property at this time, said Kenssland Fire and Emergency Services.

The firefighters will work to strengthen the restraint lines all day.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service warned that smoke affected Buderm, Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek and surrounding areas.

Citizens are asked to close the windows and doors, and do not disturb the medication if they suffer from breathing problems. Drivers should be driven with caution and conditions.

media_cameraCitizens in the Oxenford area at Koppsa Rd will continuously look into burning in the mountains during yesterday's dangerous conditions. Picture by Glenn Hampson

This is after the cancellation of an emergency declaration of a large fire hazard on the burning of the sunny coast.

An emergency declaration was made in accordance with the Public Security and Safeguarding Act at. 10:00, because the small mountain burned a lot of grass fire.

The declaration included Kawana Link Road west, Caloundra Road to the south, Parklands Boulevard to the east and Meridan Way to the north.

Fire no longer poses a threat to home, and the declaration was canceled at noon. 2.48.

Smoke from shrub fire in Oxenford Gold Coast, which is located on suburban streets

Bushfire at Oxenford

At the same time, the inhabitants of the island of North Brabant were invited to stay informed about the shrub fire island.

About 11.20 In May, the fire was adjacent to the 18 miles of the bog, south of Alfred Martin Way, near the main beach.

There was no threat to property.

There are two large in the south-east fires burned in the Gold Coast inland It took hours to allow fire fighters to be subjected to control.

The residents of Wongawallan and Oxenford were issued a statement to prepare to leave just before 5pm.

The Wongawallan fire was controllable until 17:30, but Oxenford's fire was finally considered to be under control just before 19:00.

A fire starts in the southeast as more than 100 fires continue to burn in the country this morning.

The worst is taken into consideration central Queensland, where residents from several communities urged refugees from their homes.

Hot and dry conditions are expected today. Authorities have described that today's conditions are "related" but not catastrophic, as in previous days.

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