Monday , February 6 2023

Shammi Prasad's miracle video is causing outrage


UNDERSTANDING social media prankster Shammi Prasad has been the outrage at the strange Melbourne Cup prank that rob the fan of the opportunity to watch Australia's most iconic race.

A batch of social media provocateur left-wing bowl fans duming yesterday when he pulled a plug into a race that stops in the country.

The Facebook enthusiast took players to the Gold Coast pub when he chose to meet his latest miracle in the middle of Cross Counter, winning with $ 7.3 million Flemington's classics.

Prasad intentionally switches off the projector in Parkwood's Tavern, trying to "stop the race that interrupts the nation."

In a video posted on Facebook that has more than 3 million views, Prasad displays a TV remote control but accidentally sat in the main lounge. He continues to outline his plan to kill the program in the middle of the race.

The video shows the Gold Coast's local grabbing chair and accidentally climb the projector to turn off the bowl.

After the projection screen flashing empty, the excitatory crowd can hear angry calling to re-turn the cup.

After circling and walking calmly, Prasad came from a member of the community trying to catch the remote side back, going to the next exit.

Returning to the building and transferring his remote control, the calm funnyman walked quietly, as the hotel's staff moved to the Melbourne Cup again to find a straight line flying down the floppy sprint on the big screen.

Your employee said Gold bulletin Prasad video was not a fake.

The controversial artist has previously spoken headlines to draw out similar neglect of the undoubted Australians who had fallen into his performances.

In July, he joined the music festival Splendor Grass, hiding at Wheelie bin, who performed on the site of the Byron Parklands and through the security control point of a friend who was arranged as an equipment manager.

In April, Prasad gained a base jumping from the height of the Southport at 50th floor of the Meriton High Building, before pulling the parachute and descending into the public space.

"Basic jumping 50 stories from our room", signature on the requested post.

"That said, I'm Superman."

He first attracted social media fans in 2015, when he received public criticism of his girlfriend's attitude to him.

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