Friday , June 2 2023

SEQ libraries are missing thousands of books


"The amnesty of the library is a great opportunity to return these overdue books, to return to the library shelves so that everyone can enjoy them, and at the same time, it is important for those in our community to do so during this difficult holiday season," said Cr Matic.

The last year's amnesty ordered the return of 3,469 books that were previously considered lost.

In the southwest Queensland, the Logan City Council discovered 23 849 books, DVDs and CDs crashed out of their 510,000 collections.

Logan's lifestyle and community chairman Steve Swenson said missing items were equated with less than 5 percent of the collection and insisted that most of the delayed items were returned.

"Since Logan does not collect the late penalty, we do not comply with the amnesty," he said.

"Delinquency can prevent families from attending libraries by limiting access to valuable services they need.

"Christmas preparations are the perfect time to defend and return all library books around, so that your library card is clear on the holidays."

The Sunshine Coast Council spokesman said the council was hoping to see 7133 returning missing units.

In place of an amnesty, it blocks the library's users from any further borrowings until the items returned are delayed or missing.

Redlands City Council libraries reported a missing 2,490 units, corresponding to 1.25 percent of the entire collection.

The Somerset Regional Council had only 122 missing books in four Escas, Toogoolawah, Kilcoy and Lowood libraries.

Its policy is to send borrowers an invoice for replacement costs if the goods are not returned within 120 days.

While Scenic Rim's Mayor Greg Christiansen could not find out the exact number of missing books, he said that it was about 0.14 percent of the collection.

"We can not say which books are missing, but our observation is that the book's personal growth category – intelligence, kindness and organization – is often late and return to the poorest state."

Moreton Bay Regional Council announced that the number of missing items was less than 29,000.

The Ipswich and Gold Coast Councils refused to provide statistics on missing library books.

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