Monday , October 18 2021

See the SpaceX rocket engine that zip Elon Musk Starship to moon


We know what SpaceX is the next generation of Starship looks like that. Now we've got a new view of the Raptor engine that will one day rocket it from our planet.

Elon Musk published four weeks of Twitter featuring the Starship Raptor engine and saying SpaceX was going to ignite it Texas object. One of the pictures shows that the worker is standing by the engine, giving us a good sense of scale.

The Raptor is under construction years, but Musk said in December the latest version is radically redesigned. The musk spilled some geeky details on the traction force of the test engine and how it focuses on reaching the moon as soon as possible.

The goal of the moon is important. SpaceX and Muskis announced Japan's billionaire last year Yusaku Maezawa had bought all the places about the planned 2023 Starship mission to travel a month.

Musk says that Starship will eventually be the seven new engines. Today, SpaceX is a stainless steel Starship prototype for take-off and landing tests, and hopes to see an orbital release by mid-year.

Musk is an openly engaged SpaceX fan on Twitter. One asked if he would find it easier or harder to find a rocket engine design over time. "Well, my past mistakes seem to be very dumb, especially those in which I mistakenly think I'm wise," Musks replied.

Starship is meant to be ultimately connected to the Super Heavy Rocket, formerly known as the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). Super Heavy will use up to 31 Raptor engines Musk says initial tests probably there will be fewer engines, "if it blows."

Musk provides the future Starship is able to carry people to Mars and help create a outpost on the red planet.

SpaceX failed in January when the winds in Texas were on nose cone at Starship prototype. Musk said it would take several weeks to repair the damage.

Meanwhile, musk has fallen heat shield testing and now Raptor is preparing to show that Starship's development is moving fast.

SpaceX will need to keep the rocket pedal in the metal if it wants it to be planned in 2023.

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