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Rogic rocket rescues Socceroos 3-2 thriller against Syria


Chris Ikonomidis, Rogic shot shot that fans are accustomed to seeing him as a good Celtic, but rarely Socceroos – so far.

This means that Australia, with its second position in Group B second, will return to the same place on Monday to meet Japan or Uzbekistan for 16 years.

Triumphant: Awer Mabil celebrates with his teammates.

Triumphant: Awer Mabil celebrates with his teammates.Credit:AP

It was a game filled with nervous moments and close to the razors Socceroos. As expected, Syria came out with a breathing fire, putting the defending champions under constant pressure when they had a ball and approached several times to open the score.

In 13 minutes, they missed twice when Al-Somah and Omar Khrbin tried to try hard, and Australia's fist arrived at the right moment on the 22nd minute, when the Rhyan Grant cross was created by Jamie Maclaren, just to prevent the striker from seeing the goal with a glance header.

Defender Ryan Grant duels on the ball with Syrian defender Mouaiad Al Ajjan.

Defender Ryan Grant duels on the ball with Syrian defender Mouaiad Al Ajjan.Credit:AP

Qasioun Eagles were able to draw a foul with their free kick after 30 minutes, giving Mark Milligan a chance to make the score, with Mohammed Osman's free kick. The delivery avoided everyone in the penalty box, except for Al-Somah, whose touch guided it – but Ramos refused it after deciding on an offense in Milligan, Osman arrested for the madness of the penalty area.

In a row, Socceroos worked in his games. Chris Ikonomidis had a chance to take the lead after 35 minutes, as a result of a substitution of a free kick. The scorer was Jamie Maclaren, who was forced to take a double shot by Rogic. Ibrahim Alma.

But at the end of the 40th minute, they finally crashed. Awer Mabil was in the room just outside the penalty area and struggled with his left foot, crossing the stretched Alma.

However, Australia's 1-0 lead lasted almost a minute. Almost directly from the start, Syria attacked left, Moayad Ajan crossed and found Khrbin. Ryan saved his first salvo, but his second left and allowed the crowd to return to life right away.

Nine minutes in the second half, and it was an advantage for Socceroos again. Rogic did it with another tantalizing cross that avoided Syrian defender Hussein Jwayeda and found the Ikonomidis behind. The iconic broke into it and turned out to jump over the line before Omro Midani pulled it out – although it didn't stop the Syrians from protesting against this decision.

60 minutes into the game, Mark Milligans seemed to suffer a certain amount of confusion and they fell to a low level in the penalty area. Ramos was not interested in Syrian handball calls.

Socceroos was a better game and had several options to play the bed. Substitute Apostolos Giannou arrived closest, lifting the vertical position in 75 minutes.

Then the inevitable desire of Syria came. 77 minutes into the game, Ramos were very close to getting through the penalty after breaking through the middle by some defensive fouls on Milligan's Khrbin.

Ryan had no problem with the free kick – but a Mexican official found another offense in Al-Somah inside the box in seconds and fined him. Al-Somah turned and the crowd was again shocked, but Socceroos was left to be blended and attacked on the verge of catastrophe.

However, Rogic died with his absolute magic moment of death, and they lived to fight the other day.

Vince is an athlete for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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