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Robert Redford's film is a low-income nation

An old man enters the bank.

He wears a sandy beige coat, a suit with an unobtrusive yellow striped neckline and a brown hat. He has a damaged leather case and hearing aid.

He smiles at you and very courteously informs you that this is robbery.

And since he has Robert Redford's simple ghost and devil who can help you, you fulfill.

Old man and gun the real story about Forrest Tucker (Redford), the life-long war crime and the absconding artist is unlikely. This is an extraordinary story of a man who has always been intimidating – an unusual life that he lived in his mind, even if it meant a lot of imprisonment in prison.

Based on the 2003 New Yorker profile of David Grann for Forrest, the film is directed by indie Dear David Lower (Ghost story, Pete's Dragon, Are not their bodies holy) and stars Sissy Spacek, Danny Glover, Tom Waits, Elisabeth Moss and Casey Affleck.

Installed in the 1970s when we met with Forrest, he is 70 years old and fresh from the San Quentin State Prison, and he has already returned to his murders.

He is not a man who seems to care for the money he's lost, he is in the thrill of planning, robbery and the abyss. He puts a number of these small stickers across the United States, targeting smaller institutions with poor security, sometimes with his partners Teddy (Glover) and Waller (Waits).

About this time he also meets and bounds with Jewel (Spacek), a love of horses.

After all, Foresta robbery draws attention to the detective John Affleck, who notes the wrong tendency of holding old men, where even the victims seem to like this "gentleman".

Although most heist movies focus on some exciting cats and mouse harasser between crim and the person who is trying to catch them, Old man and gun Much more related to the nature of the work, it's good to enjoy silent moments with Forrest and Jewel.

And Redford and Spacek have such a natural chemistry that you can see that they are sitting next to each other for lunch instead of a tire. These are kind of fine performances from two veteran actors who know exactly what they are doing and a talented director who knows that they are allowed to do so.

Lowery is known for the opportunity to touch emotional truths without obvious bells and whistles, and Old man and gun is not different, avoiding melodies for simple but effective narration.

The films also have a different vintage look, which is influenced by the epic of the era of crime, which it has set – your mind will be a miracle to come back to Bullitt or French Connection.

Redford is something poetic, choosing Forrest as his last role, matching retirement. Redford has also had a phenomenal life and career, and the film audience does not lose the parallels between the two men, especially if the film uses the younger Redford archive of photos and clips that stood as the younger Forest – in fact, was heard "awws" in my screening.

This is a great capper for a great heritage. This is a feeling of melancholy, and with that – with good will.

Old man and gun is undoubtedly a crowd of attractive, low-key heist movie and character plot filled with charismatic stars and great performances. There is nothing that shakes you or shakes you, and you make the movie happy and happy.

Rating: ★★★★

The old man and gun are in today's cinemas.

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