Friday , October 22 2021

Qatar is stunned by Japan to claim a blow to the Asian Cup


The top-winner of the race, Ali, scored a record high for nine goals with the highest peak strike before Abdelaziz Hatim was placed in a bright second before midnight.

Japan dominated after a break, but took the time to make a response, and Qatar, who had held six clean sheets on the final, finally agreed when Takumi Minamino scored 69 minutes.

Felix Sanchez men will not be denied, and Akram Hassan Afif punished Maya Yoshida's handball with cool penalties to hold the triumph of the 2022 FIFA World Cup organizer.

Ali took just 12 minutes to illuminate the final, controlling the Afif cross with his back to the goal to make himself a cruel volley.

The fast second, nearly Yoshida recovering to create a decisive block, was almost on the way forward, but another striking strike was when Hatim found the net at 25 meters.

When Qatar was still defending the offense, Japan had everything to do and almost fell behind when Hassan Al Haydoss was angry against the scourge.

Hatim had a great chance of sealing the victory at the time he hit the near border, but obviously serious damage to Boualem Khoukhi put a small damper in the trial, and Japan was late.

Minamino pounced on losing the ball to finely lift the finish over Qatar's goalkeeper Saad Al Sheeb.

But Samurai Blue's vengeance offer was reduced when Yoshida was on the other end and after VARs Afif came out of the court after a judge Ravshan Irmatov.

What does it mean? Qatar can affect the world

Since the turn of the century, the Republic of Korea and Russia have both capitalized on home comforts and the FIFA World Cup finals. Qatar, who has never previously qualified for the tournament, may be the next one. Strictly behind and with Clinical Ali – 22 years old – this party can return to attack to cause further disruption.

Ali Hats Tournament

This step followed the semi-final goal against the United Arab Emirates, of course, with a tournament strike so his team would be ahead. Ali was a threat to the prevailing victory in Qatar.

Sloppy Yoshida Soda Garden

Yoshida created one intelligent first-party block, but at least partially blamed all three Qatar's goals by giving Ali and Hatim time and space to fulfill their breathtaking efforts before the late spot struck. Japan's defense fought all over, as their captain was unable to inspire Samurai on a blue day.

What's next?

Japan is friendly to Colombia and Bolivia in March, before both Qatar and Brazil participate in this year's Copa America tournament.

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