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PUBG officially comes on PS4 on December 7th: all you need to know

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PUBG PS4 is currently available for pre-order at the PS Store.

Sony recently announced that the PlayUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), the most popular battle-card game from the 7th of December on the PlayStation 4 platform, will be offered. The game is currently available for games on PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android platforms. Here's all you need to know about PUBG on the PS4.

PUBG PS4 version: release date, Indian pricing

The PS4 version of PS4 is currently being pre-ordered in the PS Store. The company is outraged if the game will be available in hard disk format. However, according to a report by Gadgets 360, it is said that the disc will be released on December 7 and its price will be Ls 1,999.

Currently, the game is currently available for previous orders at the PS Store. This list includes three games of the game – the Survivor edition, the Looter edition costs and the Champions Edition, which are respectively 2750, 2 750 and 3999 lakes.

The Looter Edition will feature a base game and pre-order exclusive skins. The Survivor's Edition will win the game along with the Vikendi event pass, a 2300 G coin, 20,000 BP, and some exclusive exclusive drying benefits of 2 750 Rs. Finally, the champion will have a game, a Vikendi event pass, a 6000 G coin, 20,000 BP, and an exclusive pre-order exclusive face of 3999 Rs.

PUBG PS4 version: Best features, Viking snow card

PUBG PS4 will release all three cards in the game: Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. In addition, the game will be offered with other features like custom games, ranked system, event mode, trophies and much more similar to their PC and Xbox counterparts.

It is also reported that the next snow card for Viking will also be debuted along with PUBG PS4. The Vikings card has recently been leaked and looks very interesting. However, there are reports that the Vikendi card will be exclusive for PS4 players for some time.

Interestingly, Sony has recently allowed the cross-platform to play on its PlayStation 4 system, which allows players to keep up with their progress and start from the start. Keep in mind that in order to play the game for multiplayer PS4 users, you will have to subscribe to the PS Plus subscription, which pays an additional R 599 per month.

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Consumers who digitally pick up the game will also receive Nathan Drake's desert outfit that appears in the unknown series and Ellie's back, as seen by our last of us.

PUBG for PS4 will be held on December 7th

Tencent Games, a company that developed PUBG, signed an agreement with Microsoft to play the Xbox version when the entire console was launched for its exclusivity. The contract will be completed in December, and that's when Sony PlayStation 4 is about to get it.

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