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Pokemon Let's Go Review Fanboy Attack


I amF: You have never played pokemon in the past, either Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu or Let's Go Eevee is a good place to start playing. If you have played the previous game series, with the exception of the recent mobile feeling, you might be disappointed. Let's Go is a game that tries to get the nostalgia of fans of Pokemon Yellow, offering them the most distilled and simplified Pokemon version they could imagine. It seems like a perfect game to play with your child to get to know Pokemon for the first time. What's not, is a Pokemon game that would give rival players or gamers looking for similarity to the challenge, any real compelling reason to stop playing time, rather than knowing what might be the future of the franchise.

How much you like Let Go will most likely be related to your age and series.

The success of Pokemon Go has obviously spurred this release. Pokemon Let's Go is a game for new entrants to the franchise. Here it seems that the goal is to introduce those newcomers to Pokemon, who will step into the game in 2016 and show what they should expect from the version of the console game. For people whose gemstone classics are expensive, they are going to get some things. First of all, it's a rush of nostalgia when you come to find out that it's almost exactly the same game that was released before all these years. Upgraded HD images look great on Switch, but everything from map layout to NPC characters has not changed. Visual visuals are juicy and dynamic, a great example of how a Pokemon game might look like a Nintendo lock. It's not quite up to level breath and Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, but it's probably the best looking pokemon game ever made.


This nostalgia is approaching you, like a brick tone, but is likely to wear out when you find out there is a lot of lack of experience in this pokemon. If many game developers try to make things accessible and deep to appeal to different types of players, Pokemon Let Go goes just to the first. Availability and the greatest net selectivity seem to be the main goal here, and in this process it seems that it actually alienates the series of fans.

Let Go give us an insight into what the "real Pokemon game" will look like on Switch

Wild battles are mostly gone. Its replacement is the best that can best be described as a shuffle of Nintendo's Pokemon Go mobile system shoe. It actually works better than you would expect thanks to the motion control on the Switch. In fact there are quite a few ways to play Pokemon Let Go. You can play it in the manual mode, which lets you play with the switch deselected and you dipped Pokemon using the attached joycon controllers face buttons. You can play hands-on with pleasures-cons, which are not tied to the screen, using motion controls to simulate a throw movement when you want to grab Pokemon. Or you can play in docked mode, where you used one side of Joy-Con to simulate a dive to catch Pokemon. The core play feature is incredibly fun when your time starts with the game, but it quickly becomes tedious, because there is very little variety. Throw some berries to improve your chances, and then try to get the Poke Ball into a shrinkage circle. No complicated stuff. There are some easy-to-use modifiers that increase your XP earnings, make excellent clocks, or win over the same Pokemon multiple, but this chief engineer is quite straight ahead.


There is also another way to play Pokemon Let Go. You can purchase the actual Poke Ball, which acts as a game controller called Poke Ball Plus. This $ 50 add-on for the game does not have any real functionality that is important in Let Go, except for immersing the player a little more. Instead of throwing a movement with Joy-Con, this minor addition allows players to fake throwing a ball. The size of the golf ball Poke Ball allows players to play all aspects of the game by exploring the world to fish for Pokemon and fight with other coaches. There are also some other functionality. You can also choose to place inside the Pokemon Poke Ball and go for a walk. A small feature, but it's still a feature. It also contains the exclusive Mew Pokemon, so it basically outlines one of Pokemon's characters in the add-on add-on.

Movement control capture system becomes older after some time

Most of Pokemon's Let's Go is based on the Pokemon and Poke Ball throwing mini-game. Customization is simplified in itself, so that every time you catch a new one, the entire Pokemon button is evened out and these creatures inhabit most of the landscape. You will see them in various breeds and species that affect each region. See the one you want to grab, just launch it to start the cunning mini-game. See the one you want to avoid to continue picking up and simply escape from it. This in itself is a major shift away from things like wild battles that have temporarily forced you to fight in turn to fight Pokemon. There's no real challenge to catching Pokemon "Let's Go", it seems that it's designed to be as simple as possible, and then, for some time, the mechanic is starting to empty.


What should be picked up, but it is not, is what feels like an over-simplified turn-based battle system. Depending on the version of Go to Go, you will essentially be given the only Pokemon you need to do it through the game. Both Pikachu and Eevee can learn special actions that make the other Pokemon a poor match. They can not be developed, instead you will have to decide which set of actions you want to apply to this character. Despite the fact that tournament wrestling seems like something that you give someone as an introduction to the genre. In this aspect of the game there is very little challenge, if only because of the lack of strategies needed to run your own party. There are no implicit effects on all Pokemon Let Go games. Do you want to develop your Pokemon to a higher level? Simply feed them the stone of evolution. Want a power level for a particular Pokemon? Simply feed them endless candy offers. Or you can simply drop a peting session with your pokemon by touching them with motion control or feeding them items to improve their abilities. I admit that it's wise, since it's practically a favorite of Pikachu, and it's seen in your hands, the compromise of such a mechanic seems to be just because of the wasted potential.

Game Freak bitly tried to add attractive features to long-term fans

All this simplicity is obviously being moved from the mobile version of the game. However, this does not seem to be a game that switched owners hoping it would be. It's really not clear why Game Freak could not try to take care of everyone with Pokemon Let Go's. Players have been invested longer by adding significant content to the end-game, wildlife, breeding, larger pokemon teams, or any number of functions from previous games that they could hold. Pokemon Let's Go is a really interesting example of the availability of games in 2018. Pokemon Let's Go is a game that seems to be for kids. But Pokemon has not always played a game for kids? Do children get less intelligent? Does Game Freak believe that it is available to you essentially to remove from the game anything that is not rationalized or enhanced by the player's interpretation? If that's the case, it is not clear whether this methodology will be transferred to this great Pokemon game that will hit the line. It's possible that the money is king, and the money that was made from Pokemon GO to mobiles could have ruined this series forever.


Pokemon Let's Go takes some of the main spaces in the Pokemon series and distills it down the Pokemon-Lite experience. Although this methodology may be due to a good mobile gaming experience, with a much wider audience, those who choose to deeper engage in games and buy the console will expect a bit more. Let Go is surprisingly shallow compared to almost any Pokemon game, despite an attractive presentation that returns players in a popular place.



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