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NSW has found dead Gold Coast

At the first hour this morning, an 18-year-old man who traveled to Queensland with friends to mark the final high school was found dead on a high-level swimming pool.

The Quincy Police was summoned to Surf Regency's apartment building at Laycock Street in Surfers Paradise at around noon. 5:00, then reported that the human body is immobile on the grass field.

A Queensland police spokeswoman told news.com.au did not consider death as a suspicion or an accident.

Witnesses said Gold bulletin that the paramedics worked desperately to save the young person's life without success.

The teenager is believed to live in Beraura, where she is used to play cricket at the Berovra Cricket Club, and he recently graduated from the Turramurra Secondary School, located on the upper northern shore of Sydney.

Berkovsky cricket club told news.com.au that they knew about teenage death and were ruined in his family.

"He was a good family," said the club's spokesman.

A toxicology report will be made, but school drop-outs said that the teen is already bleeding nitrogen oxide on the balcony before the death of the balcony.

It is reported that counseling is offered to adolescents who were staying in the same complex.

Another teenager, Isabelle Colman, died after falling from the balcony Schoolies during the celebration of Surfers Paradise 2012. Former St Michael's College students lost their lives from the Chevron Renaissance complex.

If you or someone you know needs help, call Life Life 11-13 14 or visit Lifeline.org.au

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