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Nine stops rating of ARIAs. Now

"It was a time when you did not remember about these things," Geldof said about his previous hosting gig. "They come and go."

"How's tonight?" The city asked.

"Judging by your performance, yes," replied Geldof.

If it was meant to be a joke, the audience does not buy it. Many criticized the Twitter exchange, while others questioned why ARIA invited international musicians to take the lead. Things continued to go down when Geldof introduced the nominations for the song for a year, admitting that he could not read the car and dropped the F-ball.

Keith Urban and Sir Bob Geldof present ARIA Award for The Star, Sydney.

Keith Urban and Sir Bob Geldof present ARIA Award for The Star, Sydney.Credit:PPE

However, the clumsy shake did not give too much dose to Nine scores. The third year awards reached an average audience of 672,000 people, and this show was better than the other nine programs Hot seat and 10 years The project.


The last year's ceremony was the first time ARIA broadcast on Nine's main channel. The show covered the average audience of 708,000 people in the country – in the last few years, when playing on the network, a hand was taken.

In 2016, the ARIA watched about 593,000 people, and last year it was less than half a million people. Over the years, the number of television stations in which television channels have been steadily declining steadily, and in 2002, 1.2 million television viewers watched to watch the Kasey Chambers annual album.

Nine have argued that the Wednesday night broadcast was a success, as it was the most popular broadcaster among people between the ages of 16 and 39.

The program director of the nine program, Hamis Törner, said he was very pleased with the audience response.

"It was a fantastic product, displaying so many unique voices from the Australian music industry that resonates both here and abroad," he said.

Broede Carmody is a Fairfax Media entertainment reporter.

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