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Mom squeezes ear plugs, protects passengers

A thoughtful mother who was worried about her child crying for an international flight has received recognition for her gesture to other passengers.

The mother flew from Seoul to San Francisco with her four-month-old child, and after arriving on the plane she issued more than 200 Korean Korean lolies, ear plugs, and a note to passengers, apologizing in advance for any noise from her.

"Today I go to the United States with my mom and grandmother to see my aunt," the note says.

“I am a little nervous and frightening (sic) because it's my first flight, which means I can cry or make too much noise. I'll try to go quietly, although I can't promise … Please excuse me. ”

Dave Corona was one of the 10-hour flight passengers.

He placed a photo from a gift bag and marked Facebook, describing the gesture as a "very touch".

"As you know when there are kids, wait for the unexpected," he said.

And to record, Mr. Corona said that "there is no child from the remnant".

An apology gift bag is a technique previously used by nervous parents traveling with young children.

In May last year, two dads who traveled with their child girl gave a similar note and a lion bag in a 10-hour flight.

One-way star Niall Horan, who was one of the passengers, tweeted the baby ended up as "quiet as a mouse for 10 hours".

In 2017, Mum from China did something similar, distributing the ball, ear plugs, and notes from her child's Wendy package.

"It's not my first long-distance trip, but my mom takes care of me and takes care that I can cry and disturb," Wendy said.

"After all, changing the air pressure on the plane will encourage me."

The flight attendant was so impressive to receive a similar bag, she shared a note about the Chinese social media platform WeChat.

She said the girl was well behaved and the note turned out to be unnecessary.

“Parents are fully influenced by their behavior. Few mothers would care for something like that, ”the flight attendant wrote.

“Their seats were clean and tidy when they left. Usually the seats are mixed when used by children with children. ”

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