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Man killed in military assassinations in Ali Kurhu, as cars have a fire and up to 100 battles reported



November 20, 2018 21:16:41

A man has been killed and at least one is injured after a battle took place in a distant society that was already mourning after the death of four local people last week.

Key points:

  • Alice Springs, Darwin and Tennant Creek Police were called on to help the deadly unrest
  • The mayor does not say that the riots related to the death of four local residents last week
  • The company was asked to postpone travel to the company

The police were summoned to Ali Curung, 377 kilometers north of Alice Springs, around 11:30 on Monday, when rising riots were reported.

ABC was told that up to 100 people were involved in the fight against knives, pipes, machetes and spears.

Police confirmed riots, resulting in a 25-year-old man injured and killed.

Another person suffers injuries that are not life threatening.

It is believed that the four people who died when their car fell to an isolated road last week, they had a "connection" with the Ali Curung community.

Managing director Jody Nobb said that the cause of today's unrest is unknown and it is not said whether these two incidents were related.

"We will not make any decisions about what to do," said Superintendent Nobs.

"There was a tragic event that took place last Friday, involving broad public relations with Ali Curung.

"Therefore, we certainly do not exclude at this point that this tragic event from last week may be related to today's issue, although it would not be right for me to be convincingly present at this time."

Superintendent Nobs confirmed that there was "a great deal of people involved", property damage, fire and robbery cars.

It is unlikely that anyone is evacuated, but the police have offered a transport.

"The police will continue to work with both the government and non-state actors to identify processes to remove people from the Ali Curung community if they deem it necessary," said Superintendent Nobs.

"At this point, we have offered to move members of the community from Ali Curung, but there has not been any coincidence at this time."

The police from Alice Springs, Darwin and Tennantkrask have now been sent to the public.

Managing director Nobb said that all things had been done at the moment, but the police would keep their presence as long as needed.

Members of the public at this time are advised to postpone all unnecessary trips to Ali Curung.

Over the years, the company has experienced tension and additional police were sent last year to control conflicts between two clan groups.

"Ali Curung has been a community that has challenged its problems over the years, but I do not approve or endorse it. [riot today] is tied to earlier tension … ", said Superintendent Nobs.

Violence has grown: mayor

Steve Edgington, Mayor of Barclays, said support, advice and mediation would be needed by Ali Curung as soon as possible.

"What we have seen is a whole set of tragic events last week," he said.

"The deaths that faded outside the city last week, without the ability to communicate with people, is a sad event.

"And today is Ali Curung's death, it's a real tragedy for the whole region."

He was not sure if these events were related, claiming that Ali Curung had continued violence for about two or three years.

But he said he was worried about the recent reports that he was getting into a "fracture point" and wrote in August to the Chief Minister, urging him to move forward with the law and the rule of law.

While he said that until the Chief Minister acknowledged that local decision-making could be used as a means to bring people together, nothing had happened so far.

"I'm disappointed, I did not say much to the Chief Minister," he said.

The Chief Minister has contacted the comments.


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