Monday , March 8 2021

Low Carb or Keto: Which is better?


According to Richard, "Keto" diet is not intended for everyone who has a fat content, low protein and a very small amount of carbohydrates. It can be quite difficult to maintain and is really nauseous.

"When the carbohydrate level in our body decreases to a sufficient level, our body produces certain chemicals that release ketones in the liver and blood and begin the process of ketosis. However, this is not a transient process, and it takes a little time for our body to become ketosis, so it can Being confusing for the population, considering it to be instantaneous, "he says.

"We are misinformed and misleading about purchasing products that promote ketosis, such as bulletproof coffee containing grass butter butter and MCT oil and claiming that fat burning if you drink it, yes, that's right, but if you're actually in a ketone condition, otherwise, the only thing is this high calorie solid coffee (400 cals +), which results in an increase in body weight rather than fat loss, "adds Richard.

Low Carb

According to Richard, paper low carb diets are a very effective way to lose weight rather quickly, reducing one of the major macronutrients from our diet will result in a generalized caloric deficit.

"The question often posed by low carb diets is that it's difficult to sustain for a long time, and you may have low levels of energy, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, and even slower metabolism," says Richard.

"Women after a low-carb diet can also cause hormonal problems more than men."

"In addition, when you begin to increase your carbohydrate dose for some reason, you can quickly see an extra weight gain that leads to weight loss and weight gain," he warns.

So what's the better?

In summary, as you can see, both diets are followed by a lower calorie intake, which in turn will lead to weight loss and fat loss.

"Can I stay in the long run a question that you should ask yourself after following a diet or a trend? If you can not do this, then in my opinion it is not worth it. A healthy and sustainable lifestyle arises when eating a balanced diet rich in nutritious food, wisely doing and getting as much sleep as you can, "said Richard.

"If I had a preference for both, it would be a" low carb diet "simply because it's very easy to get embedded and out of those that are suitable for days where you feel like" keeping a little lighter. "Something that worked very well the customers I work for to lose weight are to choose one or two days a week when they technically reduce their carbohydrates in a low-carb diet, while consuming high protein and a healthy source of fat, "he adds.

It's important to keep in mind that carbohydrates can be found not only in cereals, pasta and rice, but also in vegetables, so even green leafy vegetables can contain enough carbohydrates. To get enough calories and energy in your body, you need to increase your healthy fats and protein to take into account the carbohydrate deficiency your body uses as the preferred source of energy.

A small carb day on the plate

Breakfast: three egg omelets with spinach, avocado, chili flakes and lemon spage

Snacks: slightly almond

Lunch: chicken thighs (on the skin) with fresh tomato salad, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, fresh basil leaves and spices with salt and pepper

Supper: Apcepiet salmon fillet (on the skin) with asparagus and cottage cheese. Milk soy sauce over salmon and fruits with sesame seeds and finely chopped spring onion

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