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Louisa Moritz, actress and Cosby accuser, dies 72

One of the first seven women comes up and accuses Bill Cosby Rape, actress, television personality and producer Louisa Moritz have died of natural causes in Los Angeles. She was 72 years old.

Moritz was born in Louisa Castro in 1946 in Havana, Cuba. After moving to America in the 1950s, she saw St. Moritz hotel in New York and replaced him by Louisa Moritz. From there, she began her career with ads in the 1960s, continuing her star in over 100 commercials on television.

Louisa Moritz 1976 (Getty)

Her film debut came in 1970 with a leading role in Carmel I got from O.R.G.Y. Although she may be best known for her role as an Oscar winner prostitute Someone over the cuckoo nestother unforgettable roles are also starring together Sylvester Stallone like Myra Death Race 2000, Flora inside Sickpack Annie and Officer Gloria Whitey Cheech & Chong's Up smoke. She also appeared in several television shows, including Happy days and M * A * S * H.

Ron Howard, Louisa Moritz, Tom Bosley appears in Happy Days in 1974.

Apart from action, Moritz studied law at the University of West Los Angeles. She also sold the real estate, sang, owned the Beverly Hills, and she wrote books at the time of her death.

"Louisa Moritz was so full of life, talent, and she was a genius with the 6th sense of money. Her parties on the Olympus coast in the 1980s were wild and popular with actors, manufacturers, models, artists, artists, kits. Directors, cascaders. all categories. "

"Her support for Motion Picture Home and animal rights groups was heavy. Their hundreds of TV and movie roles will keep their memories forever. Their support for other women who accused Bill Cosby of rape will keep them for years to come." said friend and publicist Edward Lozzi.

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