Thursday , March 30 2023

Human bed linen for life after kidney selling iPhone


The Chinese man now has a bed for life after he sold his good kid as a teen to the black market to buy the latest Apple products.

Wang Shangkun was 17 years old when he made a deadly decision. Shortly after the illegal operation, he began to diminish kidney function.

Eight years later, a 25-year-old is now sleeping when his remaining organ fails.

In April 2011, Mr Shangkun sold his kidney black organ harvesters, where he received a $ 4500 AUD – purchase of the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with features.

“Why do I need a second kidney? One is enough, ”he said in the reports.

Mr Wang is now spending his days in bed and relying on dialysis to survive his kidney failure.

Illegal surgery had led to kidney failure, which is believed to have caused an infection due to unsanitary conditions, where it happened, and the apparent lack of postoperative care, Mirror UK reported.

The operation took place in central Hunan without the consent of his parents. This was reported by two doctors who were also employed in local hospitals.

At that time, the Chinese newspaper Xinhua reported that Wang first contacted potential harvesters via Internet chat rooms.

He, Wei, reported the gang leader, then took steps to hire a surgeon who worked in a nearby military hospital.

Speaking to CNTV.cncn, Wang said, "Back then, I wanted to buy iPad2, but I didn't have the money."

"When I was on the Internet, I had a kidney agent sending a message saying that kidney sales could make me 20,000."

Wang received an equivalent amount of around $ A3,500 for his kidney time. The rest of the money was divided between the gang.

Nine people were arrested for the case, and five, including surgeons who removed their kidneys, were imprisoned in 2012.

Subsequently, his family later paid about $ 300,000 in the same year. The mirror reported.

Mr Wang may have been looking for a new iPhone to show his friends.

His family lived in one of China's poorest provinces and couldn't afford it, so he turned to other means to raise money.

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