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How sextech saves sex life

STEPHANIE Alys is on a mission to make people feel better about themselves – what else could you expect from a person who is the mainstream entertainment officer?

Although it's sometimes fascinated by some explanation.

Ms. Alys, 28, is Mystery Vibe, co-founder of the British entertainment brand, whose goal is to change people's awareness of the pleasurable positive and authoritative path.

She studied politics at the university but was always interested in how the society perceived sex and joy.

In 2014, she and her business partners launched Mystery Vibe, and two years later Crescendo's product was born. Made as the world's first sex toys custom-made body, it has a rubber skin that is shaped in the form of users.

"The idea (Mystery Vibe) was from a couple of different places," Ms Alys told news.com.au. "We continued to talk with older friends who wanted to keep their sex life exciting because they were together for a long time. And when you thought of marriage as an institution, it was created when we lived until we were 30, and now we live much longer. than that, so it can be a real fight for couples. "

Entrepreneurs found that people were obsessed with technology, so they decided to use it to help people "connect, enhance, and enhance" their connections.

Crescent was inspired by A. Alys to create a physical product that could adapt to the body.

"We just thought," why there is no such kind of intimate product that is tailor-made for humans, "she said.

She described it as a very personalized vibrator.

"You can bend it and make it the way you want, and make it vibrate the way you want. We created it in almost the sense that you can almost design your own likes and desires and desires – that may be what you want."

The biggest obstacle to creating vibration that achieved it was to achieve the right technical aspect, as it bent over.

"The curvature and the way it holds this shape … we got inspiration from the laptop hinge. If you can bend the laptop so many times and it keeps a bit of rigidity," she said.

Mystery Vibe had to offer an invention to solve the problem by allowing a wiring harness in which engines remain. They came up with a solution in their work.

"We are developing, inventing, producing, selling. The whole process. Here are the technologies that are actually incredibly advanced," Ms Alys said.

The reaction of people at conferences, such as the Lisbon Summit, was unclear. Often there was a nervous, uncomfortable laugh, but it soon went on curiosity.

"It usually comes from a place of insecurity and surprise … as" why is this topic being spoken in this forum? "," She said.

As soon as the conversation began, she found that people felt almost as if they were allowed to talk about sex toys, but the challenge was still to overcome the "social stigma around sex," especially for women.

She gets "a lot of happy emails" for her who buys her products.

"The thing that touches my heart is that I receive emails from someone who says they have been in relationship for a long time and this has helped them to restore one of their sexuality, or even contact their partner in such a way. the way they did not have it before, "she said.

Men also use their products, such as Tenuto, which is essentially a wearable vibrator for men.

"The more we looked at the penis market … we realized that it was such a strong innovation room. I feel that the women in the market have gone through this unbelievable revolution by switching from pink, plastic genital products to these beautifully-formed gourmet products, "says Alys.

The market for men was usually a poor quality material that "tried to imitate the vagina."

"Many of the women I talked about were so excited about the inclusion of these types of products in the bedroom," she said.

"They felt like they were replaced, so we wanted to create something for couples and penis owners, they would be proud and used."

Tenuto certainly looks unusual. They are made of smooth material, which, for example, Crescendo elbows, is suitable around the penis.

Ms Alys told news.com.au, she hoped that Tenuto could change the market and continue to explain the perceptions of the sextech industry, which at the end of the decade is expected to be $ 29 billion.

"I think that with sextech it's very easy to choose themes that cause confusion, such as sex robots, and it's very easy to imagine being strangers doing things that's even more exciting," she said.

"But if you look at the industry and what some of us do, you can actually find some pretty powerful examples from people who are unable to survive a fairly thorough sexual life, and this is thanks to technology."

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