Monday , October 3 2022

Geoffrey Rush trial: Eryn Jean Norvill accused of telling lies


Z Jeffrey Rush Attorney today accused a young actress who complained about Hollywood star-specific behavior.

At the closing address, lawyer Sue Chrysanthou said that King Lear's actress Eryn Jean Norvill "still started a re-examination."

"She said a lot of bad things to your honor," Mrs. Chrysanthou said in a statement to Michael Wigney.

The 67-year-old Rush complains to The Daily Telegraph of a series of articles that were late in 2017, in which it was reported that a young actress had filed a complaint at the Sydney theater company about his "inappropriate behavior".

media_cameraActor Geoffrey Rush, who sued The Daily Telegraph for libel, when he stated that his star in Sydney's theater company King Lear, complained to the STC about Rusha's "inappropriate behavior". Image: Dylan Robinson

Later, the actress was named Eric Jean-Norwill, who played the Rush daughter Cordelia in STC's production.

Ms Chrysanthou said that Norwich's testimony should be judged against "outsiders" and her testimony, which was "spread with contradictions, contradictions and recent inventions."

"The testimony of Mrs Norvila must be weighed against common sense," she said.

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Yesterday, the newspaper lawyer, Tom Blackburn, SC, told the judge that he would have to decide who said the truth – Mr Rush or Mrs Norvill.

Mr Blackburn described Norwich as a fair witness in his closing address, who had nothing in person to get out of her allegations.

Mrs Norvila told the court earlier that she felt "captured" because Rush was "slowly" and "deliberately" rushing her fingers over her right breast when she played dead on stage.

media_cameraActor Eryn Jean Norvill. Image: AAP Image / Joel Carrett

She said that after a Hollywood star with a gesture characterized her breasts, she was "frustrated, shamed, and shamed" in her despair, an outrage and a shameful feeling.

Mr Blackburn said that Mrs Norvila was not motivated to say "disgraceful lies", which the Rush Legal team accused her of.

"Norvila's motive … she did not have it, she desperately wanted to stay out of focus, she said her concern was that it had not happened again. It's a noble … absolutely fundamental, fair witness," he said.

The winner of the Oscars denies any irregularities and claims that in the newspaper two articles about a possible incident are written as "pervert" and "sexual predator".

The newspaper claims that the stories published on November 30 and December 1 last year are based on Mrs Norvila's assertions and are true.

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