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Ferrari star Charles Leclerch spoke in Azerbaijan F1

Heavy accidents have been shattered to qualify for the Azerbaijani Grand Prix victory over Baku with the Robert Kubica crash that stopped Q1 and massive shots at the same spot from the Ferrari star Charles Leclerc stop Q2.

The 21-year-old Monaco has been a Ferrari all weekend, but he made the same mistake, Cubica in a row at eighteen, and immediately burdened himself to put in the barriers.

"I'm stupid, I'm stupid," said conscience Leclerc's team radio, he was in fifth place during the second session.

Ferrari is shocked. I don't think they can believe what happened, ”said analyst Paul di Resta.

"He has a great moment – he has no chance he does it."

His teammate, Sebastian Vettel, had one round earlier, narrowly avoiding one wall.

Earlier, a part of the castle mound came to Kubica and an inner wall went inside before reaching the other side of the shican.

While they were all struggling to keep their cars on the road, Renault fought at a pace.

Daniel Ricciardo just got his first qualifying session, which was in the red flag before the 15th session, when Kubica placed on Williams Wall.

Ricciardo introduced it to Q2 using barrels that were only crossing the line before the session was interrupted.

His teammate Nico Hulkenberg was not so happy.

The German had fought to get any pace from Renault, as did Ricciardo due to the problems they encountered with the brakes, as well as the way in which the recession was created.

“Only lack of trust. I don't think I was at home and in a happy car at any weekend, ”Hulkenberg said at the Q1 exit.

“On this road you start to pay a great price. There's a lack of P1 like everyone, so it's not an excuse, the more it hurts because we started a little more with car installation.

“We have been successful this week and have not caught it.

“This is the first real hiccup this season, where we've been accelerated. Daniel and my comments are similar, we are just looking for grip and can't find it.

“Baku can be a crazy race and you have to be up to the end. Today is not good, but tomorrow we will race. ”

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