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Everything that has hitherto been known as the prime minister's game


  • There are five prequel series "Thrones to play", each with an attached writer

  • One series, supposedly called The Long Night, is about the descent of Westeros from her "Darkest Hour of the Heroic Age"

  • Until now, Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse have played a major role

  • Anywhere between "zero and five" from these series will eventually make it on television

"The Thrones will play," fans are already sad about the series "after the next and final season, HBO and author George R. R. Martyr still do not leave Westeros.

Although it has been known for over a year that HBO currently has five Pretoria games in the prequel series, at least one of them seems to be approaching.

The series Martin began to talk about as "The Long Night" has announced the transfer of Naomi Watts, suggesting that at least one in five potential traders is heading for production. A day later, a Hollywood reporter said that "The main role was played by Josh Whitehouse, which is intended for the" Valley Girl "star.

Martin tweeted Earlier this week announcing Watts' casting and updating fans on the status of the prequel series: "Casting is now going on for a long night, the first of the sequel to the GAME OF THRONES sequel to the movie. "He refers to The Long Night." As the "first" sequel to films, it means that there are still other series to be developed.

The "Long Night" will cover Westeros' darkness history

The breed reports that Jane Goldman, who is best known for collaborating with Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, wrote a new series with Martin, wrote teleplay, and will feature the showrunner series.

Many of the sites have reported the following network description: "Taking into account thousands of years before the Game of Thrones, the series records the darkest hour of the golden age of the world golden age. And only one thing is safe: from the terrible mysteries of the Vasteras history to the true origins of white hair , Oriental secrets, legendary stars … this is not a story about which we think we know. "

In addition to this description, everything known so far for the series – which Martin called The Long Night, but whose titles are not officially approved and can only be the title of the work, is that Watts plays "a bourgeois socialist lies in a dark secret. "A description of the nature of Whitehouse has not yet been published, except that he is not the main man's lead.

HBO has a strong reputation to keep the juicy serial information robbed, so it may take a long time before we know much more about the prequel. Earlier this year, HBO Programming President Casey Bloys told The Hollywood Reporter that the first prequel series will not be in the air at least a year after the main show finals – which means it's already in the middle of 2020.

Very little is known about other developmental series

In the same interview, Bloys said that everywhere from "zero to five" from the prequel series could make it into the air.

Written by Max Borenstein, Brian Helgeland, Carly Wray and recently Bryan Cogman, announced for the first time by Entertainment Weekly, everything announced for other series that are currently being developed. Cogman has written several episodes of Thrones.

HBO Programming President Casey Bloys previously said that the other series is a "dead" or just a detention combination.

But what are these other potential prequests? Given the vast and complex Universe created by Martin, the possibilities are practically unlimited. The only hints that Martin has said so far is that they are unlikely to engage Dunk and Egg characters (Ser Duncan the Tall and Aegon Unlikely) or Robert's uprising events that are fair enough, since the main series gives it quite thoroughly.

However, there was another thread. She wrote: "There is no blog," Martin writes, "In the meantime, there are still a couple of possible prequelas developing. I can not tell you the subject of these projects, no, sorry, I wish I could. Among the readers I might want to download a copy of" Fire and Blood " when released on November 20. "

"Fire and Blood" is the history of the Targaryen Clan, which takes place 300 years before the main series – Martin's hint suggests that one of the broadcasts of the series covers this story. That's only if it's just a few sneaky book promotion. We do not know until Martin and HBO would like it.

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