Saturday , July 24 2021

Dusty decision: Finally, good news for Tigers

RICHMOND Superstar Dustin Martin has succeeded in lowering his double consent to the ban on one match at the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday evening.

Tigers successfully argued that Martin's elbow on Adam Kennedy's head of the weekend was just a small impact assessment, reducing his ban in just one game.

After that, he will only miss Richmond's fourth collision with Port Adelaide.

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The representatives of Richmond did not try to release Martin completely from the ban, but they simply tried to reduce the severity of their penalties from two to one.

AFL lawyer Jeff Gleeson QC informed the Civil Service Tribunal that it should be based on the fact that the fine was increased due to possible serious damage.

He then referred to the AFL Guidance Clauses, suggesting that strikes, similar to what Martin did, would be considered as a minor impact.

However, the Civil Service Tribunal discussed 14 minutes before a low impact assessment was agreed.

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"It's always pretty tough," then said Richmond Infantry Neil Balme.

"He still gets a week that is a little sad. But it was good hearing. They heard us.

"He's just forced to breathe. He's a very good player. He gets a treatment because that's what he is, so he just has to go past and we have to help him."

"It would be nice if he got a couple of extra free shots, but he has a week that we are not satisfied with. But after two weeks we will come back to it."

Kennedy, a murder victim on Saturday afternoon, was asked to give testimony in 90 minutes, saying that Martin's forearm was initially in contact with his shoulders before looking at his head.

The Giants player said the strike eventually hit him with his head, giving him a "little shock" and laughing when he described the contact force as a "good knock".

However, he also said very much that he did not feel pain due to the strike.

The rural judge Natan Williamson, who produced the report, was also invited to testify and found that Kennedy told him he was "good" and that he did not believe the strike was malicious.

Martin was originally offered a two-game match review officer, with his strike rated Michael Christian as deliberate action with a moderate impact on his head.

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