Tuesday , March 2 2021

Djokovich opens the ATP finals with a victory in the short Isner's career – Tennis

Novak Djokovich made a strong American work by John Isner to win the ATP finals.

The world, one of the most popular and popular sixth London title, was a handy 6-4 6-3 winner with over 6 feet in 10 minutes serving the Isner O2 Arena.

Serbs have returned to business after wounds injured after a few months when he arrived in Wimbledon, ranked 21st in the world in July.

But after lifting his fourth SW19 crown and US Open, as well as the names of Cincinnati and Shanghai, Djokovich again has the top of the tree and on Sunday was handed over to the end of the year the world's number one trophy.

And with the cloud hanging over Roger Federer, who lost Kei Nishikori Sunday night, was angry-proof, the road seems clear that Djokovich moves to Switzerland on six peaks.

Isner, aged 33, is now the senior debut in the finals – Kevin Anderson was of the opinion that the record was slightly over 24 hours – attacked his regular rockets, while Djokovic had break points in his first two service games before he was third in the ranking.

With Cristiano Ronaldo, who looked out of the crowd, Djokovic secured a second point 3-3 at the second break and went to Isner with minimal disappointment.

Djokovic said: "It's great to return to the 2nd years, I have been a happy place for many years.

"The game was great. I managed to get three breaks from John's service, which is sometimes impossible, but I managed to find the right place at the right time, and I was very good at serving and playing solid.

"I lost this tournament last year due to an injury. I enjoyed the free time, but I forgot this area, and am glad to return."

It seems that Djokovic is a little afraid, of course, in the rest of the group, as Alexander Zverev is not so convincing that the perpetual 02 looters Marin Cilic are beaten up.

Last year's Wimbledon vice president dropped 7-6 (5) 7-6 (1) and has now won only one of his 10 games at the end of the season – against Nishikori in 2016, when Cilic was already wiped out.

It was also the sixth straight attack on Cilic, caused by the German star Zverev, and many of them were in the making of Croatia.

Cilic had a discount score of 4-0 and a 5-1 opening kit, but could not be used to let Zverev work his way back to the set with a break to 4-5.

Then, after deuce Cilic, the defendant Ali Nili was consulted before deciding to challenge a long call, which, if he had done, would have earned him a fixed point.

Cilik said: "I asked him if this happened, and he showed me that it was out, obviously, so I do not think so much that I was not going to challenge. Even when I forced the shot, I felt it would be close to. "

It was a difficult male tennis cream. The participants had reached only 19 winners among them, and created a total of 46 unconfined errors when Zverev was set to tie-break.

In the second tie break, Cilicam was left rue wasted a challenge earlier on the set, which meant that he had no one on the left to overturn another bad call.

"Some calls, like that were not given in my own way," added Cilic.

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