Monday , October 18 2021

Coalition Forces Plan Hurried, Coal: Work


The federal government is confident that it can provide an energy pipeline to improve reliability and lower electricity prices in the coming years.

By stopping Queensland, NSW, and Victoria, the government's confidence was boosted by a strong response to the 'newly registered' interest generation phase of the new generation program.

The next stage, expected in the first quarter of the year, will be the formal "Call for Proposals" to look for detailed information on the proposed projects to be considered for government support.

Of the 66 submissions received from the Department of Environment and Energy, gas was the main concern, while in others, coal, pumped water and other technologies were the most important.

Australia has a growing problem with electricity power.
Australia has a growing problem with electricity power. (AAP)

"There is no readiness to invest in Australia's future energy supply," says Angus Taylor, Minister of Energy.

After a labor fire overflowing a coal power plant, he said the government would use a technology-neutral approach to the generation.

Proposals are divided into Eastern countries, 26 are planned in NSW, 17 in Victoria, 15 in South Australia and 12 in Queensland.

Together they will provide more than 29,000 MW of new generation – more than half of the existing national energy market capacity.

Coal power station in La Trobe Valley, Victoria.
Coal power station in La Trobe Valley, Victoria. (AAP)

Government support can range from floor pricing to loans or small grants for small plant upgrades.

Labor energy representative Mark Butler says that new coal power plants should not participate in Australia's future energy mix.

He says this is an urgent process that has been developed in the light of politics, not sensible results.

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