Saturday , July 24 2021

Button Battery Health Hazard Hot Cross Section Pollution Adelaide Supermarket

The health authorities have discovered that a potentially deadly button battery may be hidden in a hot crossbone that is sold at a popular Adelaide supermarket and has issued a second safety alert for so many days.

It was discovered that a small calculator somehow got into the hot cross bread mix Pasadena Foodland.

Since then, cakes have been found in baked products, including one hot cross shown by the customer at 9News, which had a large green plastic segment that emerged from it.

Health authorities SA warns buyers of Pasadena Foodland to check out any hot cups they bought this week with a free button battery that they were afraid of.

SA Chris Lease, Chief Health Officer of the SA National Health Service, said that the supermarket operator yesterday had begun withdrawal of precautions and no damage or harm had been reported.

But the biggest concern was that the calculator contains a button battery.

"If swallowed, it can cause serious injury or even death," said Dr.

"The Chapley Group is actively cooperating with SA Health and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand to inform customers who may have purchased the products.

"We invite anyone who could buy hot cups to check the date" wrapped "instead of consuming them and return them to Pasadena Foodland for full compensation."

Grieving Queensland's mother requires urgent changes after her daughter dies swallowing the battery

Emergency surgery in Melbourne after five years of doctors have released a swallow button battery

An urgent health warning after a small calculator gets into a baking mixture can be given instructions for fear, including a button battery.

The reminder includes the following products manufactured on April 7, 2019:

– Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns 6 Pack

– 6 cranberry and white chocolate hot mugs

– Hot Cross Buns 6 Pack

– Hot-crossed cannons

– Hot Cross Buns Fruitless 6 Pack

– Mini Hot Cross Buns 12 Pack

– Mini Choc Chip Hot Cross Bread 12 Packs

– Premium Hot Cross Buns 500g

– various scales in 6 or 12 packs, packed on April 7, 2019

These products were available at Pasadena Foodland and were produced on April 7, 2019.

The return does not affect any other Pasadena Foodland bakery products.

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