Friday , October 22 2021

British Airways surprises people with brain injuries when flying from London to Sydney


A frequent airplane that was told that he will never help on foot on the plane has once again violated the prospect and made an incredible 16,000 km journey from Britain to Australia.

Joe Dowd, 47, from London, in 2014 suffered a devastating brain aneurysm that prevented him from walking.

With intensive rehabilitation, Mr Dowd, who had previously lived in Australia with his wife, Lisa, went beyond the doctors' expectations and returned to his feet.

However, there was another enormous goal that his brain injuries remained obviously inaccessible: on the plane.

But just four years after his devastating prediction, Mr Dowd has managed to fly from London to Sydney with surprise from British Airways.

The couple had planned a short flight from London to Dublin when Joe thought he was strong enough, but his ultimate goal was to take a trip back to Australia.

This month, British Airways, which celebrates its 100th anniversary with BA Magic, struck a couple with a free flight to Sydney.

When they got to Dublin, where the couple visited the family, British Airways surprised them with two business-class tickets to Sydney to continue their journey.

"British Airways my dream of flying again was a reality," said Dowd before he boarded Sydney at Heathrow Terminal 5.

"Australian tickets were a surprise that I will never forget and this trip would never have been possible without BA Magic."

British Airways decided to reward Dowd, a former banker who wanted to be a pilot when he was a boy, after Liz wrote about her husband's incredible story.

"I've never imagined they could make the trip so special," said Liz Dowd.

“It was just as incredible and emotional a turning point, Joe's team of experts thinks he has returned even stronger. The whole experience was truly memorable and charming. ”

Carl Martinoli, head of airline brand and customer experience, said Dowds was "inspiring".

"When Liz wrote to us and told us about Joe's courage, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure he had a nice and seamless journey," she said.

“Our ambassadors, ground workers, cabin crew and pilots worked to make sure it was a trip that Jo and Liz will never forget. They are truly inspiring and deserve a couple. ”

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