A British Airways flight attendant for Business Insider is a lightweight trick to never losing your passport. Buzz60 Samsam Berman has a full story.

Two hundred British Airways passengers have gone on vacation for noon after they are imprisoned in Orlando and then in New York for almost three days when trying to return home at London Gatwick Airport.

According to passenger complaints about social media, their troubles began on Thursday when mechanical problems caused departure from Orlando to cancel. All passengers were booked in hotels near the airport.

On Saturday, they finally began to operate, only due to a mechanical problem were diverted to the New York JFK, in a statement on the airline approved by USA TODAY.

Passengers complained that they were again imprisoned – and this time there were almost no hotel rooms because they had the misfortune that there was a New York City marathon.

Worse yet passengers told Twitter that airline employees could not find anywhere to provide assistance. Customers touched the social media to complain about their lack of lying on the floor tile floor.

"Imagine that a little daughter spends her birthday at the terminal, sitting on a rocky floor and did not know when they were going to eat, sleep or be in a safe place to stay," the passenger @ caseywilson98 tweeted. "Put yourself in the footsteps of this family and think about what you are doing."

British Airways eventually sent JFK to Saturday to pick up passengers and take them home to London, an airline spokeswoman told the US TODAY.

"We appreciate that it was a tired and disturbing experience for our customers and we are sorry for the long delay in their flight," a spokeswoman for British Airways told US TODAY by email. "Our aircraft was diverted on Saturday morning as a precautionary measure, after some technical problems. We sent an airplane to New York on Saturday morning to return customers to London Gatwick as soon as possible.

"If possible, customers were loaded, and although there were limited hotel rooms, our on-site teams took care of customers in our first-class lounge with bedding, food and drinks to make sure they stayed comfortable."

The problems were not so pretty when the plane arrived at JFK to take them home, some said about social media.

"@British_Airways just sat my 2 year old daughter in my place, but not with us, her parents!" @ Lee_Suillivan85 tweeted incredulously. "When I arrived 1 and half an hour before checking out, that was their solution, as if it were even considered an opportunity. Put 2-year-olds on their own.

USA TODAY has requested British Airways a comment on this specific complaint.

The children were the only group to get out of sadness with skillful feedback.

"We will note how successful the children were on the hill at the time of the trip @ British_Airways," @doctoddy tweeted. "Well done for all moms (sic) and dads on the ship you've been #mazzing."

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