Back in 2016, an absolute madman hacked a Big Mouth by Billy Bass to speak the Alexa API. It was weird. The soulless monsters at Gemmy Industries evidently took notice, though, and have engineered an official Alexa-powered singing fish to bring to market. What have we done

You can infect the Speaking Sensation on a loved one or mortal enemy for $ 39.99 – talk about a bargain. He connects to Echo devices over Bluetooth, and will dance to any music you put on. Billy can even mouth Alexa's answers to your inquiries.

Do we deserve better I do not know anymore.

It's not clear from the Amazon listing whether the fish's connectivity can be used to perform similar acts of existential horror using your phone or Bluetooth-compatible Google Assistant speaker; it only mentions Alexa. Even if it can not, Billy will still sing "Fishin 'Time" – I do not know what that is, and I'm not sure I want to – when you press his button.

Pre-orders are open now, with general availability starting December 1st.

God help us