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Ben Simmons All-Star Weekend Selection Team World, Rising Stars Challenge

He may not have won the All-Star start, but Ben Simmons has gained some recognition after being selected for the World Team Rising Stars Challenge.

On the weekend next month, the All-Star weekend team will be hosting a US-grown talent. The participation of the floor with Simmons in this game will also be attended by Atlanta Rookie of the Year candidate Luka Doncic from Slovenia and Serbian star Bogdan Bogdanovic from Sacramento Kings.

The Los Angeles Lakers stars Kyle Kuzman and Lonzo Ball will support the American side, which also features Utah's sense of Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum from Boston and Kings De & Aaron Fox.

Last year, Simmons led the team world to win the local people, showing their elegant passage and ending with double doubles. His side won 155-124 and Philadelphia star gave 11 points, six rebounds, 13 assistants, and four steals for victory.

Simmons dream of earning a quay at the NBA All-Star game is for coaches he has bullied in the last two seasons after Melbourne's 76ers star robbed last week as an Eastern Conference starter.

The Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving and Charlotte Hornets Kemba Walker were named as the Eastern Protectors of the February 17 All-Star game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo, Toronto Raptors Kawhi Leonard and Sixers Joel Embiid make up an impressive suburb of the East.

The Western Conference Start Team is stacked with a shooting force with LeBron James's partnership with Kevin Durant, Paul George, Stephen Curry, and James Harden. A start-up vote was adopted for NBA fans (50% of the total), media players (25%) and current NBA players (25%).

Simmons was in third place with Miami Heat veteran Dwyane Wade. He still has the opportunity to become an All-Star with NBA's main coaches, who announced 14 players this week to come from the bench.

A year ago, Simmons ignored the coach as a reserve, despite the excellent rookie season.

Rookies have historically been left out of All-Star games, and Simmons, the second year in the NBA, is expected to be announced as a reserve by coaches. The 22-year-old has an average of 16.6 points, 9.5 rebounds and 8.3 games for each game.

The media took Simmonu as the third best Eastern guard, the fourth place, while NBA players were fifth in Australia.

Walkers was the third of Eastern guards who voted for the fans.

Last year, Simmon sat back and watched the coaches and was ignored by the NBA despite several All-Stars ripping out of the game with injuries and new reserves. The horror race that caused the last injury to All-Star caliber players strengthens Simmon's chances of coaching with Indiana Victor Oladipo (knee-off), and Brooklyn Nets Spencer Dinwiddie is likely to lose four to six weeks with finger injuries.

Dallas Mavericks 19-year-old Rookie Doncic, a 19-year-old rookie, voted for one of the players on the western front, but he missed out with the weak player and media as he was last year.

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