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An HIV home test will soon be available in Australia

Australia's first home testing kit for HIV will soon be available.

Health Minister Greg Hunt announced approval of the packages this morning Darryl ODonnell, Executive Director of the Australian AID Organizations Federation.

"This is the first time that we have confirmed the HIV self-test in Australia.

"This allows people on the web to confidentially check their home privacy."

The test is a simple finger slit test. Who then would be able to give a response, this means that the user will need to visit their doctor for an additional test.

"Today, we have incredibly effective HIV treatment, so a person with an early diagnosis of HIV will live for a long time with a high quality of life. But the main thing here is being diagnosed soon and then there is a chance to start treatment. So, what's important is people who are at risk of talking to their doctor . "

It was announced that Juluca treatment will be included in the pharmaceutical benefit scheme on Saturday, so the government will cover most of its costs. That means, Australians with HIV will pay a maximum of $ 39.50 to fill scripts for drugs that stop virus replication after federal government subsidies, saving $ 10,800 every year.

At the beginning of this year, costs associated with preventing HIV Prevention (HIV) Prevention (PREP) were also reduced to include in the PBS list.

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