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An Australian child's offensive fact that the mother drowned: "Just stop, mommy"

WARNING: Worrying content

The little boy has cheerfully suggested that his mother is almost drowned and his five-year-old brother dies when she may have been involved in a police interview that was played in court.

The child, who told the detective that his favorite cartoon character was a purple ninja turtle, Donatello, was only nine years old when he survived horrible intelligence on Murray River in Moama, NSW, on March 2, 2017.

His mother, a 28-year-old Deniliquin woman who can not be named for legal reasons, has been tried for her youngest child's murder and her oldest assassination attempt.

Today, a woman today in the Wagga Wagga trial is third day in her weekly study after claiming that he was not to blame for both payments through mental illness.

In a video game played this morning, the surviving child talked with the detectives from his hospital bed only a few hours after the incident and said his mother had tempted the brothers to the river for a false remission of fishing.

When the boys were in the water, their mother asked the eldest boy to "put your head underneath," he said.

"I just said" no "… and then she dunked my head under the water (I was) afraid.

"My whole body (under water), my face was down."

The boy said his mother "held a hand on my neck" and that he could feel the sand on the bottom of the river.

"Then I began to force her to allow her to leave me, but she did not," he said.

"I began to calm down when she jumped on me.

"(After all, she freed me), and then she grabbed my brother and did the same to him."

The court heard that a nine-year-old boy told the police that when he was taken to the bank, he looked back at the river and saw that his mother "shaking my brother" in the water. This boy never saw his little brother anymore.

In a police interview that played in the evening in court, the woman described the horrible moment when she pushed the boy on the river and kept them under water.

Justice Minister Richard Button noted that the whole process of litigation was crying for a woman, "strangely swaddling his hair" and "rocking back and forth", and therefore refused her to court while her police interviews were played.

On the seventh day after the tragedy, the accused told the detectives that "she has" drowned and drowned her children "in the video, as one of them" got angry ".

The woman told the police, she first turned to her eldest son and "held her head" under the water.

"It was terrible," she said during the interview.

"He continued to stay alive a bit, I had to sit at his top, I could not hold him, because he was so strong."

In this video, the woman told the detectives that at one stage she heard that one of her sons screamed: "Just stop, mommy."

The NSW Supreme Court heard that the boy fought for the air before he eventually stopped free.

"I did not want to continue," the defendant said in a police interview.

"It was so f *** because" wrong. "

She then looked at her younger boy, the court heard. In this video, she was persecuted when she told the detectives that she had one hand at the head of her five-year-old son, and the other on her chest while he was holding it.

She said she could feel that the little boy was struggling but did not leave her on him until he stopped, the court heard.

"I insisted on him and let him swim away so people could find him," she said.

Within two days of searching for information from a large body, the child's mortal body was discovered in the river.

The defendant shot his five-year-old son and her bush.
The defendant shot his five-year-old son and her bush.

In a statement filed in court and viewed at news.com.au, the woman said she "caused her (her) child to die, drowned her," and that "her intention was to kill" the boys as she took them to the river.

In the past, the court heard that a woman was monitored after one month before the incident after being released from the prison, facilitating a break and launching an offense.

At his opening address from the war prosecutor Max Pinkot, the woman appeared angry tomorrow after killing and called the mother from Goornong in Victorian town and said to her, "You will no longer see us."

After a few hours the defendant took his sons along the river bank and forced them to underwater, hearing the judge.

A witness who heard screams ran on the river and saw that an older boy was attacked by a dog. He took him away and the boy said the words: "I think I'm the only survivor," said the savior. In a statement, one witness said that the surviving boy "screaming and unarmed (and) getting into the bloodstream".

In his police interview, the video was played in court

"I started shouting to my mother," the boy said in a video.

"I said someone would help."

"I tried to draw my hands on the dog's face so he did not do it, but he was too powerful."

Another man saw a woman who floated her back into the river soon afterwards. On Tuesday, the court heard the accused who attempted to kill herself.

The nine-year-old was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries and, during the next three days, carried out an aspiration pneumonia fan from the attempt to drown.

Later that night, the local resort owner, Michael Falzon, saw a woman entering her workroom relaxing wet, bleeding and raving around 9pm.

Mr Pinkot said that the witness had indicated that women's trousers had been pulled up under her knee, and therefore asked if everything was right for her.

"She replied:" I drowned the children, "said Pinkots.

"To the point she was thinking, she replied:" I had to drop my babies. ""

In a statement, Mr Falzon told the accused: "I just want a bullet, I would be dead."

Mr Falzon took him to the police station at her request.

"He saw a road to the police station in which the accused cried and said:" My children are my children, "said judge P. Pincot.

The court heard that the woman told the police: "I killed my children … I did not want to do this, I'm so mother *** I."

Mr Pinkot said that when the police asked where her children were, she became confused and shouted, "I drowned them."

The court heard that she then referred to a former partner with whom she had not been in contact since 2016.

A witness who heard screams ran on the river and saw that an older boy was attacked by a dog. Photo / Herald Sun
A witness who heard screams ran on the river and saw that an older boy was attacked by a dog. Photo / Herald Sun

"F ** k, that c ** t must be fired," she said to the officials, the court heard.

Defense lawyer Erics Wilson SC said that his client believed she was saving children by killing them.

"She held it safe, your honor," he said.

The court heard that she was insolent and believed that she would "be raped, tortured … and she had to prevent her children from showing … or they would kill herself".

"She suffers from a seriously disturbing mental state," Wilson said.

"She thought that she would save her from death (in the worst way).

"She thinks she's actually keeping him safe."

The judge said that "it is completely strange to think that these actions are a solution to the problem".

"You might know that it is drowned, of course, not (pleasant death)," said Button.

"It's not as if the boys were given sleeping medicine and they just went to bed.

"Drowning would be a terrible way to die."

Crown Witness Dr Jonathon Adams, a forensic psychiatrist who evaluated the accused murderer, told the court to which she appeared to have experienced a personality disorder and allegedly suffered misleading attitudes during the alleged offense.

"I think she has borderline personality disorder, prolonged substance abuse abnormality and high levels of depression," said Dr. Adams.

"It turned out that her spiritual condition deteriorated four weeks before the alleged offense."

The court found out that the woman had had drug use, but reports of toxicology suggest that her system did not contain any illegal substance leakage in her system.

Adams said that his patient said that she had used drug ice every four weeks – to celebrate her birthday – was released from prison and her children drowned.

She also did not use antipsychotic medications for him since release from prison in February, the judge said. At the time of the alleged murder and assassination attempt, the woman shouted to herself: "You stupid sl * t", "stupid b ** ch" and "I'm going to kill him". At that time she was also caught twelve times in a theft store. The female mother who took care of the boys had adopted her daughter-held abusive practice (AVO), which banned her from arriving within 24 hours of drug or alcohol use.

In a conversation with her mother in 2015, the court heard that the accused had threatened to "lead her and the boys in the tree." At that moment, the incident was reported to the police.

The court heard that the woman was subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse as a child and adult and that she had a family history of schizophrenia.

Dr. Adams said that she had "trodden" the voices in her life since she was seven years old. In the report, he noted that she was hurt because she was nine years old, first of all she exceeded her age of 13 and tried to commit suicide tens of times. He said that in years of chronic drug use, her condition has deteriorated and that she recently tried to fall asleep behind bars.

Investigation continues.

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