Friday , October 22 2021

Accidental: Sonic's team composer gets Masahiro Sakura to sign his copy of Smash Bros.


Sakurai 3

Masahiro Sakurai – Super Smash Bros. series – not only his game fans, but also the video game industry, there are people who consider him a living legend. One of these people is the Sonic Team composer Tomoya Ohtani, who gave some remixed melodies to Sakura's latest version of the Nintendo Switch.

The recent Sakurai event was for only those composers who worked Super Smash Bros UltimateOhtani asked the director to sign a copy of his game. As shown above, Sakurai added Kirby to the front cover.

Below is a message of thanks to everyone for participating in the event as well as some photo summaries:

“All Super Smash Bros. Ultimate composer gatherings. The number of composers and people who visited was amazing. Thank you all!"

Sakurai 1
Sakurai 2

Have you ever had a video game or system signed by a famous developer? What did you think about music selection in the latest Super Smash Bros game? Tell us further.

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