Tuesday , May 24 2022

A man in a coma, a wife and a son die in Brimin's accident


The mother and son's family, who was killed in a horrific truck crash, reveals that they are "completely ruined".

Amanda Kilmister, 37, and her son, Harrison, 12, died at Victoria's north on the Murray Valley motorway in Briming, about Friday at noon. Amanda's husband and two other sons were seriously injured in an accident.

The Kilmsteru family came back from dinner when the truck probably crossed the wrong road and smashed its eyes on Audi.

In spite of family hardships, Amanda's brother Daniel Gwynne issued an incredible message to a truck driver at a news conference yesterday.

"Regardless of the circumstances, an incident has occurred in a few short moments that could have affected you for a long time," said Gwynne Karl's Children's Hospital.

"I hope you have the love and support from your family to help you at that time."

Also in the vehicle was the husband of Amanda, 44-year-old Paul Kilmister and two other sons – Morgan, 2 and children Ostin. Morgan was strikingly bruised, and was expected to be released yesterday, while eight months old Austin will remain sedation.

Another son, Feliks, 14 years old, was not in a car at the time of the accident.

Mr Kilmister, who has a stable position in the coma, has also said that his wife and son are dead.

Mr Gwynne said that the families were united to support the surviving children and develop a way to stop the message to her husband, Paul.

He said that they do not know how they will explain the tragedy.

"In recent days, we've completely ruined the events," Gwynne said.

"My sister was really a dedicated mother. She loved her family, her husband and her boys very much and invested everyone in their lives to support them and make them amazing young men.

ABC reported that Kylmsister's mother, Christine, said that a couple of eldest son, 14-year-old Felix, who was not in the car, had taken the same thing to support his brothers while his father woke up.

"The young Felix spoke to his father, although he was unconscious when talking to him about Austin, Morgan, but he did not mention Harrison or Mummy," she said.

"So, if this is true what they say, and he knows what's going on, he will know that something is wrong."

She said her family would do everything she could to support her son when he woke up and received news.

"He will not be able to cope – I have to be honest – because he is devoted. His children and his wife were his life, that's what he worked for," she said.

"You could not get two lovely couples. The family was all there."

The 31-year-old truck driver, who suffered minor injuries in the accident, was reported to work at an emergency and was taken to a hospital for statutory checks.

He was released while the complaints police continued his investigation on Saturday night.

The Victoria Cops' main collision unit is set to determine if the accident was part of attention, fatigue, speed, or drugs.

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