Friday , October 22 2021

"You know mom's octopus …"


Vicky Xipolitakis, shared a photo with her fans, showing juggling what she is doing to continue her work and at the same time raise her child. Their criticisms did not wait.

Vicky Xipolitakis called himself
Vicky Xipolitakis called herself "mom's octopus" to make her baby's hammocking clothes

Vicky Xipolitakis she learns to be a mom, and she shares it with all her fans every day. Before yesterday she showed how she learned to change diapers and she said this process with pride and love: "I swear I never imagined that I could change a diaper, and today I do it with so much love". And the famous 33-year-old is happy with his new role as the mother of Salvador Uriele, his son, entrepreneur Javier Naselli.

In this case Vicky Xipolitakis She did not change the diapers, but she presented herself as a true mum all around: "You know an octopus mom? Haha, I presented it. The C-foot raised the basket and with other parts of the body we do what we can to change rather than wake up @ salvadoruriels." In the picture Xipolitakis stands at the coat and checking the clothes in the dormitory.

But that was not what drew attention to this image, but how it was perceived Vicky Xipolitakis in itself: "It's hard to be a mom, but beautiful # Now that I look like the same basket, the same colors, a square and I have a trunk jaaaa. #MimetizadaConElCarrito". However, there is very little to compare with a baby car because the young girl keeps her thin figure.

While several comments congratulated Xipolitakis and her baby, many criticized him for believing that he was an "octopus mom": "This Mama Octopus? HAVE ONE MANAGING CHILDREN, CLEAN, WORK, DRINKS, TYPES AND NO SELL !!!!!! !!!! "

Despite comments, Vicky Xipolitakis continues to use her social networks to share her child and her work.

"It was like a smile" wrote Vicky Xipolitakis about her caesarean section, but the followers criticized her!

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