Monday , October 18 2021

Yanina sank Pico Farándula


Days ago, after minutes when Pampita announced her separation from Twitter, Yanina took the opportunity to remove the page and sent, "I said? … who did not reach March. And they destroyed me in all colors."

Diego Latorre's wife, the amount of commercial commitments and the brands presented during the season would be the right reason for a couple of short-term reconciliation.

There is no grace

"Pico hates me, but he did not send me a document," Yanina explained before lowering the price to the rest of the former tennis player on the Uruguayan coast. "I left because I like to go to good places, to those who are more famous, to very good food, to good wine," said and, undoubtedly, said Pico instead of "Mar de Sudrab, opened in Punta del Este".

After his colleague Mariana Brey said she went to the site, Latorre noted with irony: "What was there? Lobster? Caviar?"

Opening the Pico store in Uruguay was controversial. Before it was closed, it turned out that the first caterers complained about the cost of the menu and the "slow" service of the premises. Meanwhile, the neighbors complained about annoying noises. "

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