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Yanina Latorre said the real reason for separating Pico Monaco and Pampitas

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January 30, 2019

Several months ago, the jury Yanina Latorre expressed the view that the media pair would be different before March.

Pampita and Piko Monaco once again announced the end of their love. Although they were not separated for the first time, some were surprised. However Yanina Latorre said she had already said it and gave it "Excellence" for commercial explanation.

"What did I say? It didn't come in March. And they got me in all colors"He wrote in response to the separation of social networks the model wrote.

In this way, the Commissioner reaffirmed that she had said this at the beginning of January when Pampita and Pico appeared together in Punta del Este.

"You see they're just dating in the summer," he tweeted at that time. In turn, he suggested that the model and extender would have an economic motivation to appear together in the famous season in the East. The couple is "more profitable" because brands are more interested in journalism.

Latorre repeatedly said that Reconciliation is not about love, but because it allows them to register. And it slipped that perhaps the short new opportunity was the volume of commercial commitments and brand events that took place during the season.

He broke the silence! Pico Monaco referred to his separation with Pampite and the rumors of unbelief

The Celebrity Business Seasons Beaches Have Millionaires. Incredible amounts are paid for the presence of some celebrities that provide information and media demand. Pampita at the top of the list.

At that time, the News magazine announced that the model was priced between $ 5 and $ 8,000, and it could be more if it included branding on their social networks.

The reason that would have caused the separation of Pampitas and Pico Mónaco

Pampita and Pico had faded their reconciliation at New Year's party that he performed his Manantiales band.

At the beach note with PEOPLE she was happy and said: "Love is most important in my life, and yes, I like being a girlfriend and a love. I have no problem with the second option, I give thousands. I have no prejudice, and I'm not talking what people say. I am free with my decisions and I do what my heart dictates"

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