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Xbox LIVE error causes some Xbox One to be used


After a few chaotic hours, Microsoft found a solution to the Xbox LIVE problem that created a black screen on some consoles. So, you shouldn't have any problems to enjoy the content on your Xbox One.

"Problems with starting, logging in, updating, and our status page for Xbox One have been resolved. Thank you for staying with us while our teams worked on the errors and we appreciated the reports. As always, we're here and listen, " he mentioned Microsoft on Twitter.


When did you turn on the Xbox One, did a black screen appear? Relax, nothing bad happens to your console. It's just an error with Xbox LIVE that Microsoft is working on the solution.

For a few moments, several Xbox One subreddit users, as well as social networks such as Twitter, have reported that they do not enter the console in the main menu after the greeting, but on the black screen. Interestingly, your Xbox One sounds that they can navigate the menus without any problems.

As you can imagine, this problem is not hardware-related so you can easily relax. In fact, this situation was caused by a bug in software and Xbox LIVE. Fortunately, Microsoft has already identified the cause of the error and is working to restore everything to normal.

"Our teams determined the cause of the problem and took care of it. Thank you very much for your patience, we'll give you another update when we find out about other changes," Microsoft mentioned in the support account Xbox Twitter.

And if you were affected by this problem, did you? Tell us in the comments.

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