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Worldwide classification of the most accurate airlines: There are three Latin American countries


Three airlines in Latin America are one of the most accurate in the world and one of them is the firstaccording to OAG Annual Report: Copa Airlines it operated with a punctuality of 89.79% in 2018 and won the first place among airlines in general LATAM Airlines reached 85.60% and low cost Blue Linhas Aereas 85.21 percent.

Global Aeronautical Consulting, an old one Official Aviation Manual, provides services to all airlines, airports and state agencies related to commercial aviation worldwide. It also produces statistics as the industry's most coveted Top 20 punctuality different businesses.

The The 2019 OAG List it ranks second behind the Copa airline, which was ranked first in the previous assessment, airBaltic, with an accuracy of 89.17%; follow him Hong Kong Airlines (88.11%), Hawaiian Airlines (87.52%), Bangkok Airways (87.16%), Qantas Airways (85.65%), LATAM, Blue, Qatar Airways (85.17%) and KLM (84.52%) between the first 10

The definition of OAG punctuality is imposed by a 15-minute limit before or after the reported departure or departure time; It also takes account of cancellation. It measures the overall performance of airlines, 20 mega airlines low cost and those belonging to one region. Companies must submit to participate at least 80% of your flights airport totals there are at least 2.5 million passengers a day on take-off.

The new report was prepared on the basis of Analysis of 57 million flight records what he did 250 airlines from January 1 to December 31, 2018. "Copa takes first place with 89.79% accuracy," the text explained. "In 2018, the airline ranks 3rd by 3 percentage points."

He also stressed that "in fifth place Bangkok has shown dramatic accuracy, which has risen from 77.58% last year to 87.16 percent. "The document adds that" other airlines that have made a an important annual improvement, and so they appear on the 20th of this year, they are LATAM, seventh, and KLM, now in tenth place. These airlines were 36 and 30, respectively, last year. "

5 most accurate mega airlines:

LATAM (with an accuracy of 85.60%)
All Nippon Airways (84.43%)
Japan Airlines (83.99%)
Delta Air Lines (83.08%)
Alaska Airlines (82.61%)

Top 5 Low Cost:

Blue (85.21%)
Jetstar Asia (84.13%)
Solaseed (82.90%)
Mango (82.88%)
Volaris (82.04%)

10 best Latin American airlines:

Cup (89.79%)
LATAM (85.60%)
Blue (85.21%)
Volaris (82.04%)
Avianca Brazil (81.15%)
Aerolineas Argentina (80.51%)
Aeromexico (80.45%)
Sky Airline (79.89%)
GOL Linhas Aereas (79.70%)
Caribbean Airlines (79.24%)

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