Saturday , January 29 2022

World Handball: "Gladiators" to Egypt was in the third group


The Argentina team He was close but could not Egypt, on the third day of the World Cup D Group, held in Germany and Denmark. Gladiators fell by 22-20 against Africans and complicated their chances for the next round.

Under the leadership of Manuel Carden, he threatened to take the first win in the Certman after a 9-8 break. In the first few minutes of the game, Albiceleste lost power and allowed his rivals to move forward with two goals.

However, the Argentines showed the defense of the implants and improved the violation of the recovered ball and good penetration into their opponent's defense center. Direction Lucas Moscariello scored an excellent goal to succeed in his team in the first part of the end.

In the appendix the story was different. Egypt attacked effectively and went ahead with two goals, and this difference was impossible to recover.

The worst news was the tip of Federico Fernández, who showed a blue card after a mistake. Not only did he expel him from the game and left his team with less than eight minutes, but it would not allow him to challenge the next game against Angola with disciplinary action.

It should be remembered that the Argentine team had a good debut to attract 25-25 to Hungary, but then experienced Swedish power and dropped by 31-16.

These results leave a difficult scenario for the Argentine people who will have to receive two remaining games, against Angola (Wednesday, March 16, 11.30) and Qatar (Thursday, 17, 14), but they will also have to wait for the results of other competitions.

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