Tuesday , March 21 2023

Without a cook at the White House for closing the government, Donald Trump entertained the fast food for the Clemson Tigers team


"We have pizzas, we have 300 hamburgers, many, many potato chips … All our favorite dishes, "stated President Donald Trump in the press, looking at how. , White House, they were available Burger King, Wendy and McDonald's boxes in silver trayswhile the employees illuminated candle holders.

Outside Clemson Tigers, football team Clemson University, South Carolina – One of the most popular national university chain and brand new champion– I waited to enter the room where The President of the United States invited them to honor.

"I want to see how much remains when we leave, I don't think it is much …", Trump continued. And he explained why he offered athletes fast food services: "That's why we did it, is the closing of the government. We want to make sure everything goes well. So we bought it. "

According to CNN Kaitlan Collins, the president personally paid for fast food services. Although Due to the closure of the federal government at the Congress Casa Blanca ended with chefs, as the Congress did not have a budget agreement due to a discussion on the construction of a wall at the border with MexicoTrump preferred entertainment instead of canceling it and ordered hamburgers and pizza.

"President I wanted to take over the championship of the National University Football League, Clemson Tigers"The Trump Press Secretary had announced earlier Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in a statement. "As Democrats refuse to discuss border security, Many White House residence employees are on vacation, so the president personally pays for the event with catering service some of every favorite fast food"

Embarking on the President One helicopter Marine One on New Orleans to speak at the annual conference of the National Federation of Agricultural Departments Trumps said he was going to order "1,000 hamburgers at a height of 1.6 kilometers" entertain the team beat Crimson Tide, Alabama's 44-6 college football gamesWho won the third title after winning the 1981 and 2016 championships.

"My choice was: did we not have food because we suffered a government shutdown, or we gave you some quick salads made by the first lady (Melania Trump) with the second woman (Karen Pence) ", added to athletes. "And I said that you are not salad people, I know we could do something else and nothing better than that, wouldn't it?"

Before insisting that journalists cover the event so they can also try a Big Mac or Quarter Poundamong other sandwiches, again referred to $ 5,700 million, which requires Congress to confirm its campaign promise. between the US and Mexico.

"The The Republicans really are together, and it is very good to see it because we need border security, ”he said. No doubt it had to happen 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago … And that will happen now. This will happen now. "

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