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Will Guillermo hand over everything he can? – 11/23/2015

During a meeting with the trainer's staff and players, in which he informed them of Boca's presentation before Conmebol and details of the finals, Daniel Angelici asked them to focus on the Independiente and later – in the river. And right here is Guillermo Barros Schelotto and the company.

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Dismissed by Pablo Pérez (still not high enough to physically rub), Jara (to reduce aggression against micro), Abila (for muscle discomfort), and doubt Buffarini, the idea of ​​twins is to put the other starter Libertadores from America on a simple question: they have not played since November 11th on the first leg of the river. And if they do not work this week, they will arrive on December 9 for almost a month without a formal contest.

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So Boca will be formed with Andrada; Peruz, Izquerdoz, Magallán, Olaza; Nandez, Barrios, Gago or Almendra, Villa; Tevez or Zárate and Benedetto. After studying this Friday, everything will be much clearer …

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