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Why did Gallardo choose Alvarcais for punishment? – 11/23/2015

At the end of the day, when everything pointed out that Gymnastics and the river went to punishment, Marcelo Gallardo surprised when I decided to remove Exequiel Palacios for the trial of Julián Alverez. Although he had expected that he was planning to give him minutes in this game in the Argentine Cup semi-finals, he drew attention to the choice to put him in court just before the penalty shootout.

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But the explanation was long enough to arrive. When it was his turn to kick, The young people stopped in front of the goal and did not miss his execution. After the game, they asked Muñeco for his decision to include him at this important moment and with some humor he attracted his director: "He's a guy who has developed very well and I want him to be close. I'm fine because he's a hierarchical player, and a week ago I won a penalty shot. "

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In addition, the trainer added: "I had the belief that I would not be problems perceive this responsibility. And he finished very well. "

"I won the shot a week ago"

Marcelo Gallardo spoke on Julián Álvarez. Video: TyCSports.

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