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Who is Patricia Guichandut, a judge who has released 3 motorcycles in less than two weeks?

January 31, 2019

Magistrate with responsibility for the National Criminal and Corruption Court No. 62 is involved in a huge dispute over her actions.

Judge Patricia Susana Guichandut from Cridetti (Photo from Los Andes)

The Judge Patricia Susana Guichandut is responsible for the National Criminal and Corruption Court No. 62. From there and in less than two weeks, the magistrate decided freely leave three motorcycles that have committed crimes in the country. One of them was banned from entering Argentina.

The first episode took place last week for an 18-year-old girl in the Almagro town, waiting for a 100 km radius to Avenida La Plata, attacked a motorcycle that stole his cell phone.

By accusing the victim and witnesses of the robbery, agents of the City Police District Police Station arrested the offender after he had reached the car.

The Thief identified as Jair Stevens Jurado Mora, 24 years old, is Colombian nationality, and arrived in the country three months ago, but have not yet resided and not criminal record. In 2011, he was convicted of "stepping up qualified theft"; In 2016, they started intramammary violence; and in 2017 he was punished for arms trafficking in his country.

After moving to the 5A Police Station and the accusation of "trying to steal the riot motorcycle regime", it was Patricia Susana Guichandut released 24 hours after State Criminal and Correctional Order no. 62. Offender after 700 pesos he was given a probation.

After that, Mora Jurado regained his freedom when he was "Abstain from Abuse of Drugs and / or Alcohol". In addition, he was urged to adjust his situation in migration and to recognize that the 700 pesos for "repairing damage" to the victim.

Now the same judge was involved in the dispute after Less than 24 hours to release two motorcyclists who have been arrested city ​​police members in the Buedo Aires neighborhood of Boedo, despite the fact that one of them, from the citizenship of Uruguay, was forbidden to enter the country.


Patricia Guichandut was nominated to serve as Head of the National Court in the Federal Capital of Correction No. 13 at the time of President Nutsor Kirchner and his Justice Minister, as well as the current member of the Supreme Court Horacio Rosatti.

The Magistrate was responsible evacuation from the KDT chainand led a single court in court against Luis D & # 39; Elía for the March 2008 "Gualeguaychú Alejandro Gahan" member of the "Citizens' Injury" crime. At that time, the social leader was sentenced to four days in prison, but was not in prison.

He was also direct driver crime investigation into toll road at Illia motorway in prefectural corps, after discussions in September 2018.

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