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WhatsApp: 3 simple tricks to discover if you are spying on a web version

WhatsApp Web is a tool that has helped use this program from your computer.

And it has many amenities and one of them is that you should not enter your phone number or password, just scan the QR code and it will work.

However, these options have given way to other people who spy on you, especially if you left the session open on your computer.

So we'll show you some tricks to find out if you've tuned in to WhatsApp:

Check out the open WhatsApp web sessions

To view the last open sessions, you just have to go to your mobile phone and enter the WhatsApp Web option and it will show you all open sessions with this modality using your account.

Look at the last connection hours

One of the benefits of WhatsApp on the web is that it shows the last connection time in the application.

This option will let you know if someone was spying on you, because if the last hour does not match the time you entered, it means someone else used your account.

Check the browser from which you signed in to your account

It also shows the browser from which you logged into your account and from which city the last sessions were opened, so if something does not match what you did, it is because someone spies on you.

Close all sessions

Another advantage of this mode is that with WhatsApp you can close all sessions and no one can spy on.

So if you suspect someone has entered your account, you can solve it with this option.

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