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What is bover Neutral fans revenge before the river and Bocas arrogance – November 28, 2018

On October 31, Boka picked up 2-2 with Palmeir San Pablo, and at that moment, many nightmares became a reality: at the Copa Libertadores finale was Superclásico.

From that moment everything was wrapped in this gigantic bubble, exaggerated, grotesque. An endless snowstorm, which, due to weighing and danger, included the day-departure. And it never finds a direction. Much less end.

The question is that there were many who saw the ball across one side on this road. These are those that are on the shoulder and they are hooked on another question. They have no invitation to the party and, even less, they have an intention to participate.

They created a category. They called the structure that turned them off and raised their voices to listen to, while the strongest shouted everywhere.

It was born Bover. And since all that is happening in these times, it was driven by social networks, Bover is Boka and the river. But together it is a concept. The fans of all the other Argentine teams feel the feeling of injustice.

Bover Shield, a concept that combines Boca and the river in one team.

Bover Shield, a concept that combines Boca and the river in one team.

It is displayed San Lorenzo and Hurricanes that they were unhappy with the game they were most expecting from the semester because they supposed Superclásico that they were going to play on Saturday, and they could not miss Sunday, but they also did not play.

Also, those from Contactthat on the same day that they expected their team Agronomia against Tristan Suarez to host the B metropolitan tournament on the 17th, they now have to wait until December 12th.

Bover is also represented Union and San Martín de San Juan They had to stop their SuperLiga competition against local football giants as they decided not to finish the final on Wednesdays and not to do it on weekends.

Bover is one of the stars that appears in the Superliga table thanks to the arrogant leaders led by D & # 39; Onofrio and Angelici. Bover is central to Rosario, not knowing when he will play in the final of the Argentine Cup and awaiting a gymnastic contender who arrives tired after the finals and finally arrived at a fresh stop.

The concept of Bover created countless memes that spread to Twitter. And even a shield, which, of course, mixes blue and gold with red and white.

After all, this is a reflection of football as a jungle law. And in this game, the food chain always supports the biggest.

While the game is sold as "the world's final", but Boca believes that the river has the power of Conmebol and Núñez, the same thing happens in front of La Boca, fans of other teams warn that they are indeed.

What are the two sides of a single coin? Asked about the river in 2015, when it was pepper gas, now Boca is instructed by the stones to be micro. And he who once said that he had to play in court, now begs the table. And vice versa. The disaster cataracts that are broadcast on national television around the clock and on all national channels, newspapers and radio.

Of course, there will be rivers and Boka fans, who, of course, look at the mills and the details. Each of them will display their badges proudly and point them to the weakest points of the maximum competitor.

As for the rest, know that they are the same.

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