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What a blow! Susana Giménez's daughter experienced a sharp fall in Punta del Este


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January 14, 2019

Mercedes Sarrabayrouse was the main protagonist of the "blooper" event in the Uruguayan tourism city.

Mercedes "Mecha" Sarrabayrouse was a person who drew attention to all guests in the bowling alley Punta del Este at the moment of surprise He stumbled and fell to the floor.

The Time the Ladies Daughter Susana Giménez, failed in the local media "Farándula Show" and later the pictures began to follow Argentine television.

The material can see how a woman suddenly loses stability when she talked to a group of people and finally fell to the ground.

Last month "Your" she was imprisoned in a boat and her daughter helped her and shared that social network.

Television receiver charged Christmas with their loved ones, because their daughter is " Wick and her granddaughter, Lucia Celasco a mansion that he owns in a neighboring country "Mary", in honor of the film he stared at with a former boxer Carlos Monzón.

Stay in Rincon del Indio, in Punta del Este, and this is where T.V. He usually spends hours while he is Uruguay.

In this case, the woman was filmed by her daughter while she was trying to enjoy walks in the artificial lagoon, which she has enormous property.

Your daughter Mercedes "Mecha" Sarrabayrouse, was the one who decided to exhibit his mother, trying through his personal account Instagram where is the 66,500 followers

It looks like in the pictures Susana try to get to the pedal boat. "Give me the pressure, Mecha, because here it doesn't disappear with weeds, gives it a blow", the manager asks her offspring.

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