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we'll show you how to detect what the deleted message says

There is an application that allows us to know the content of the message in the chat when it is deleted. We tell you what it is

Some time WhatsApp Instant Messaging program lets you delete messages. If we thought this tool was a big step, there is another news: we'll show you how to read this removed fix.

"This message has been deleted" is what appears when someone deletes a message in WhatsApp chat. Although in this way we found that the person has refused to send the message, we did not know what it contained.

However, with WhatsRemoved, you can see what has been removed. Though this system was questioned because it contradicts the user's ability to hide previously written.

There are some limitations to this tool. One of them is that it does not work when the conversations are silent, without an internet connection or battery saving. Also, if the sender immediately deletes the sent message. Until now, it is only available for Android phones.

It can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.

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