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Welcome to El Salvador! Vicky Xipolitakis's son was born

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December 13, 2018

The star shared a series of videos from the time of delivery. Javier Naselli, his partner, flew from New York to Buenos Aires. Sensitive images

Vicky Xipolitakis on Wednesday after mother's first child's birth she became mother Salvador Uriel.

The celebrities expressed their happiness with her account Instagram Have a series of videos.

"Since my artwork was born !!!!! 12/12 at 21:40 hs born in pure love in my life, my baby @ salvadorurielok, with 2 kilos 900 and a beautiful little angel !!!!!! it will end, because I broke the sack and did not do anything. I have some dolls, but so much fun and emotion is going on with the background, "he began to write Vicky he was congratulated by his followers in a publication that revolutionized the social network Instagram.

"Thank you son for being a mother, thank God for this blessing, thank you to all my friends and family for an unconditional, thanks to doc @ nachoptomasone, to make this a miracle in the world and to all of you for so many love messages! # WelcomeSalvador, EnMiVidaTuLlgaEsLoMejor .. ❤️ ??✨?? ", he added about the same message that moved and shocked everyone.

In January this year, the star had lost 5 weeks of anesthetic pregnancy. "When you are good, you are planning to start a family and I am very good, but we will wait for it when God sends it. This was not the moment, and I thank everyone for being myself." People gave me strength that at some point was not … "said the artist.

Recall that the note with the Internet Radio in the wet, Vicky said: "During the seven months of pregnancy I will settle in Argentina in order to wait for Salvador's arrival, I love my country and I need limitation." But then he added that "although the baby in Buenos Aires, the father will later give dual citizenship," he said when asked about his future with the pregnancy that eventually happened.

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