Thursday , March 30 2023

Wall Street gets the first bank performance down


The fear of global economic development is returning to the wall on Wall Street, and Dow Jones loses 87 points up to 23 908 points while S & P 500 gives 0.5% to 2.582 integers. But technological Nasdaq falls by 0.9% to 6,905 points.

The market repeats candles after a week's increase, with New York's parquet key figure rising 2.5% Nasdaq Accumulated Profit – 3.5%.

The appetite for risk collapses like China publishes new economic data reflecting the fear of a global economic downturn. The last one has been foreign trade The Asian giant, up 9.7% year-on-year, was 4.5 percentage points lower than last year. In particular, Chinese exports have suffered the biggest decline in two years.

Wall Street is also preparing a … a new round of presentation of results that Monday has started Citigroup. The banking giant closed 58.9 dollars, after having reported nearly 4% after having presented their accounts, giving $ 17,100 million in revenue.

Taking into account the latest forecasts made by high market values ​​such as. T. Apple o American Airlines, this week they will also report to huge investors JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Blackock, Goldman Sachs and Netflix, which gives 1.4%.

The business section is underlined PG & E, which disappears more than 52% after declaring that it is preparing its bankruptcy because it is not possible to t fires in California, for those who require about $ 30,000 million in business.

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