Friday , October 22 2021

Viciconte decided to resume his training after two months without training: "I'm completely out of shape"


Fabián Cubero's girlfriend returned to the gym after several weeks of rest. And so it was …

Mica Viciconte and his demanding training after two months without training

Installed Mar del Plata, Mica Viciconte Enjoy your nights where your talent is working Again together and use the high temperatures to appreciate the beautiful beaches offered by the spa town.

However, not everything is rosy. A few weeks away from the gym, girlfriend Fabián "Poroto" Cubero He decided to resume his exercise, which devoted great effort to the whole body.

"Well, I finally came to workout, two months after I stopped, I decided … Do not stop learning because you suffer ten times more. Train, train, don't stop".

This was reflected in the video he uploaded Instagram Stories where she is visible after gymnastics, sweating and with a red face: "Well, I finally came to work out, it's out of the country, look at what it is, it scares me hahaha." After two months of standing, I decided, "he began to say.

In addition, Mica encouraged his followers to follow his own steps: "Need to train, don't stop learning because you suffer ten times more." It is disgusting, I am going to turn myself, I can't believe how red I am. no … totally out of shape, guys! Train, train, don't stop. "


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